Top 10 Best Gaming Desks 2022 – Buying Guide

Gaming, which is a fun activity, can, at the same be tiring. This is due to the absence of comfort, and the safety of the gamer’s accessories is uncertain. So, if you are searching for the best gaming desks to buy, then this is the right place to be.

To get better gaming, it’s for you to get the right desk that will provide comfort, the safety of accessories. With several tables available today, finding the right desk can be a difficult challenge. Buying the wrong PC gaming desk can be dreadful to your gaming as well as pocket as well as gaming accessories.

We have provided you with a review of the best gaming table in 2022 to help you in making your choice quickly.


01. Atlantic – Cheap Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk

The Atlantic gaming computer desk is a clean and sleek desk that has been designed to stand out. It stands out in terms of the neatness of cable and proper storage of other accessories. This desk comes equipped with headphone stands, a diagonal serrated textured surface with excellent grip, as well as DVD storage slots.

It features holders for speakers on each of its sides, a controller holder, display shelf suitable for holding a monitor. Also, it is worthy of note to say that this versatile desk is ideal for both console and PC gamer.

Furthermore, this desk has a retractable drawer made from solid wire metal, which can be used to keep various items and cables.  It also has a drink holder for safekeeping of your beverages and other drinks while you are busy gaming on the desk and an aperture that is located under the screen stand that is quite large enough to hold a console while playing your games with your best gaming keyboard.

Also, this desk is made from Plastic, Steel, and Carbon Laminate. Also, it comes with a cable management tray, which is located towards the back of the table which is used for resting all power cable and strips.

Key Features of This Gaming Desk Include:

  • Cable management system.
  • Non-marring feet.
  • Fits 27-inch LCD.
  • The desk can support up to 40 lbs.
  • Includes a charging station.

Although this desk comes with the ability to carry only monitors of up to 27 inches and does not have the keyboard tray feature, however, its sturdy construction, elevated platform for monitor, hooks, drink holder, removable screen stand, speaker holder.  Also, it got a CD rack that makes this desk not just great for game lovers but also the best for those who love to have their wiring area looking classy.



  • An elevated platform for the monitor or TV.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Plenty of racks for holding controllers and other peripherals.



  • Nothing to complain about here.


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02. Arozzi Arena – Gaming Desk for Professional Gamer

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Arena gaming desks has a 5.3-inch surface that can accommodate three large gaming monitors. This easy to install This desk is shipped in a disassembled form; however, by following the instructions attached, and it is easy to assemble.

This piece comes with a water-resistant solid desk having an outstanding build quality all round. This feature provides enough capacity for carrying all of your desired computer equipment and console comfortably.

Also, this desk comes in a variety of color options meaning that you can always choose colors that will suit your taste. Furthermore, this PC and gaming desk comes with a removable and washable cloth that serves as an excellent grip for your keyboard as well as offers proper tracking for your mice.

Additionally, it has a stabilizing bar, an excellent cable management net feature located under the desk, and two routed cable holes for all the cables you need to connect to other peripherals. As a result, it helps always to keep your cables neat and well organized.

Key Features of This Gaming Desk Include:

  • Allows for up to 3 large monitors.
  • A vast field of play for your mouse and keyboard.
  • Made from microfiber.
  • Available in 5 different colors.
  • Easy to disassemble.

When it comes to professional gaming, the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk stands out exceptionally well. This desk, however, does not have a built-in speaker holder, headset stand, as well as its height Adjustment feature is a little bit difficult. But this desk’s fantastic cable management system, plentiful desk space, and its spill-proof desk pad make it the best gaming desk for professional gamers.



  • Well designed and water and sweat-resistant surfacing.
  • Plenty of space.
  • Comfortable to belly level.



  • It does not look professional.
  • The height Adjustment feature is a little bit difficult.


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03. Origami – Best Foldable Gaming Desk

Origami Foldable Computer Desk

Origami foldable desk,  which is made from a combination of wood and steel, is a dual-purpose desk that is ideal for work, gaming, and travel. This desk is light in weight and comes with a sleek look, sturdy construction, and lots of amazing features.

To begin with, this gaming computer desk comes with ample desk space as well as an elevated platform at the base of the table thus providing support for those who love to have their feet up while they work. Also, this desk comes with a sleek style and neutral color structure, which is ideal for maintaining a clutter-free and clean room.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a shelf located below its 7 square feet of desktop area desktop that is capable of holding a sub-woofer and several standard-sized CPUs too. Besides, with this desk, you can increase the lifespan of your PC or gaming console by placing it off the ground floor and safe from dirt, dust, as well as other liquid spills on the floor.

Key Features of This Gaming Desk Include:

  • Opens and folds up in 40 seconds or less.
  • Folds flat.
  • Two-piece folding mechanism with dual locks.
  • It offers 7 square feet of desktop area.
  • No tools required for assembly.

Overall, even though this desk is not fitted with quite enough game desk accessories, however, this desk comes with the capacity to carry a massive setup such as double monitors, gaming keyboards, speakers, CPUs’s not to mention other PC and gaming accessories. Also, the ease with which this desk can be moved from one place to the other makes this desk an excellent choice for gamer.



  • Light in weight.
  • Sleek and sturdy design.
  • Excellent at carrying & setup.



  • Not fitted with enough game desk accessories.


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04. Tribesigns Modern L shaped – Best Mid-Range Gaming Desk

Tribesigns Modern L shaped Gaming Desk


The Tribesigns Modern L shaped gaming desk gives you the luxury of enjoying what can amount to two desks all at once. This desk comes with enough space on the top of the desk thus allowing gamer to get the most use out of it. Such use includes conveniently placing their peripherals and other equipment on it, while also helping you to maintain a neat and orderly looking desk.

This desk is suitable for those who are having the challenge of space restrictions and has its frame made with stainless steel. The steel acts as a cross brace cutting across underneath the desk, thus adding significant strength and stability and strength to this durable gaming desk.

On the other hand, the wooden part of the desk is constructed from particleboard, a board that is sturdy and cost-effective. As a result of this desk’s walnut type laminate, the desk always appears bright and light, making it suitable for office and small rooms which requires some form of lighting.

Additionally, this desk’s framework is rigid enough to accommodate your PC, consoles as well as other equipment comfortably.

Key Features of This Gaming Desks Include:

  • Metal legs.
  • Leg pads can be edited.
  • Wide table desk area.
  • Spacious desk legroom.
  • Sturdy desk.

In all, this desk has a great overall build and strength although It does not have any drawers and other games desk accessories. In all honesty, this desk’s depth, load carrying capacity, not to mention its large space area makes this desk ideal for those who are seeking to save space.



  • Beautifully designed
  • Plenty of areas
  • Decent width



  • It doesn’t stand out all that much.


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05. Walker Edison Soreno – Best Gaming Desk for Multiple Monitors

Walker Edison Soreno Modern 3-Piece Corner Desk


The Walker Edison Soreno Modern 3-Piece Corner Desk is a gaming desk that comes with simple construction, great strength as well as the high-quality design made from shatterproof tempered safety glass and metal. It is also worth mentioning that it comes with great pricing too thus making it a great choice for gamers. With these great gaming tables, you need the best gaming chair also.

This L-Shaped desk comes with lots of desk space capable of carrying your gaming console, PC, keyboard, mouse, best gaming wireless router, and other devices. While it still has enough extra space thus making it possible to use the table for more activities than just gaming.

Also, it has a retractable keyboard tray feature too that makes your gaming area look well-ordered as well as strong enough to comfortably carry your TV on its desk surface.

Furthermore, this desk is ideal for those gamers who might be looking for a desk that will give them the luxury of diversifying their interior arrangement with multiple budget gaming monitors. It is interesting to know that this desk’s design provides you the option of using it as two separate standalone desks with a CPU stand.

Key Features of This Gaming Table Include:

  • Polished and beveled top.
  • Glass is tempered safety glass.
  • Steel, powder-coated finish.
  • Sliding keyboard tray.
  • The computer stand keeps the PC off the ground.

This desk is a great choice for gamers who would like to use their desks for other purposes apart from just gaming. Although this desk’s glass can be tricky to clean as well as its keyboard tray needing improvement. However, its Scratch-resistant glass top, spacious nature as well as CPU stand, makes this highly spacious desk not just suitable for gaming but also for those who would want to have several electronics setup on their desk.



  • 2 desks and an extra table for the price of one.
  • Plenty of surface area.
  • The tempered glass both looks good and makes a good impression.



  • Looks flimsy.


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06. GreenForest  – Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk sophisticated looking, modernly styled desk that will suit anyone looking for sleek gaming or office desks. This desk features on the right-hand side, the shelving units. These features are sufficient to provide an avenue for gamers having a couple of different consoles to stack them together thus creating an amazing storage area for their consoles.

This L-Shaped corner desk also comes with small legs that can be adjusted which are located under the desk which helps you to adjust the height of your desk whenever you want to. Also, it has a triple shelving unit designed to neatly display devices such as your consoles, collectibles, and games, as well as a very spacious table with enough room for you to enjoy gaming as well as other activities.

Furthermore, this desk is constructed to be strong enough to comfortably carry your consoles, computer, keyboard, as well as display screens with an android tv box without fear of any trouble. Besides, it comes is designed to be able to provide access from three different points at the open-ended sides of the desk. It is also worth mentioning that it has an open area that leads directly to the back of the desk thereby improving its cable management feature.

Key Features of This Gaming Desks Include:

  • L-Shaped desk.
  • 3-piece construction desk.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • Height changeable desk.
  • Ships with tools to assemble the desk.

Overall, those with a need for plenty of storage will need to buy extra shelving units. In any case, this great desk with a sturdy frame, three-piece design not to mention its height changeable feature, is one that will appeal to the most computer or console game lovers looking for a desk with a touch of traditional styling within a budget.



  • Stylish and sleek design.
  • Table legs designed to prevent scratches.
  • The sturdy frame prevents the desk from shaking.



  • No room for cable management.
  • Takes long to assemble.


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07. Atlantic Pro – Best Gaming Desks Under 200

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

When it comes to a desk having good storage capabilities, then the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is what comes to mind. This desk is equipped with a power strip holder for electrical plugs as well as DVD holders or your home theater systems with the ability to hold up to 5 cases which are located on both the right and left side of the desk.

Also, this lightweight comes with a drink holder to help those who are prone to having spills, a headphone holder that can be used to neatly hand your game set and audio kit. Additionally, it features an anti-slip mobile device holder for safely holding a tablet or two phones while enjoying your gaming experience.

Furthermore, this gaming desk also has two cuts out sections which allows the charging cable to pass through conveniently thus ensuring that the upright charging of the phone is possible. Also, it has an elevated platform where your monitor of up to 32 inches can rest on comfortably, as well as two console controller holders.

Key Features of This Gaming Desk Include:

  • 32-inch monitor support.
  • Curved for better viewing.
  • Carbon laminated.
  • Trapezoid leg design.

In all, even though this desk has lowered stability and its desk surface would be better off larger, it is affordable. Also, its elevated platform capable of carrying monitor of up to 32-inch, lightweight, series of holders and storage capabilities such as headset holder, phone holder, console holders not to mention its DVD holders, makes this desk the best budget gaming desk.



  • It is affordable.
  • Light in weight.



  • It is difficult to position due to its cross leg design.
  • Lowered stability.


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08. ApexDesk Elite Series – Best Ergonomic Gaming Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series



The ApexDesk Elite Series comes with the electronically changeable and height-adjustable feature which distinguishes it from most other desks. This feature makes it possible for the height of the desk to be adjusted by the push of a button thus requiring no strength to be expended.

Also, with this desk, you can adjust the height of a standing desk or even to the height of a workbench. This desk comes with a heavyweight as a result of this, it is very stable and provides a sturdy work area for gaming and other activities making it suitable for carrying a couple of monitors of up to 24-inch, PC hardware, and other gaming equipment.

Furthermore, this desk’s ergonomic design makes it suitable for both sitting and standing. Also, it features a dual cable conduit that helps to remove the messy wire and cable filled clutter that may be seen on other desks.

Key Features of This Gaming Desks Include:

  • Electronically height adjustable desk.
  • Enhanced stability.
  • Dual motors.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Scratch-resistant laminate.

In terms of pricing, this desk is quite expensive. It is however not surprising as this pricing is justified. With its electronically changeable and height adjustable feature, enhanced stability, dual cable conduit, as well as easy assembly makes this gaming desk worth its price.



  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Dedicated conduits to keep cables neatly arranged.



  • It is expensive.
  • The top material is thin.


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09. Ameriwood – Best Cheap L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk

The Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk a traditionally styled gaming desk made from darkened wood. This desk’s L-shaped part is not separable as it is solidly attached thus making it a stable gaming desk.

This desk is suitable for both work and gaming. This L-Shaped desk comes with plenty of desk surface capable of holding monitors, PC, keyboard, your gaming laptops, gaming consoles as well as Television.

Furthermore, on the right side of this desk comes open shelves which can be used to store books, DVDs, photographs, and other gaming and PC accessories too. Also, this desk’s design makes it possible to be positioned anywhere within your house or office and it will still look good.

Besides, this affordable desk with a simple and elegant design is suitable for those who are looking to maximize space in their homes or offices while also enjoying their gaming experience.

Key Features of This Gaming Desks Include:

  • Large table space.
  • Open shelving for storage.
  • The L-shaped desk fits in a corner.
  • Easy desk assembly.

Overall, this desk is a very professional desk that can serve both as a gaming desk as well as an office desk. It comes with plenty of desk space, bookshelves that can hold DVDs, gaming accessories and photographs.

Although since it is made of wood, there is a tendency for the desk to warp and blister. However, its spacious nature, affordability, and functionality, as well as its other features, make it suitable for anyone looking for a sleek and sturdy gaming desk.



  • Looks professional.
  • Nice bookshelves in the end.
  • Plenty of surface area.



  • The wooden surface can warp over time.


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10. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped – Best Glass Top Gaming Desk

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped

The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is stylish furniture that is ideal for both home and office use. This desk is made from tempered hardened glass that is built to withstand heavy loads without breaking and supported by metal-framed legs that provide great stability and strength, thus ensuring that your gaming consoles, monitors, and other equipment are safely kept.

This L-Shaped desk comes with a central shelf that acts as a joining point for the two side pieces serves as a beautiful area for displaying certificates, pictures as well as ornaments. Also, this desk comes with a huge elevated shelf for monitor hence allows for a comfy viewing as well as provides plenty of space for the desktop to be mounted on any of the sides of the desk. This table gives you enough space for your gaming keyboard & your gaming mouse.

Furthermore, the Z-line designs Felix Glass L Desk has a large keyboard tray feature that can be fixed on any side of the desk and is quite long for your mouse to comfortably sit beside your gaming keyboard.

Key Features of This Gaming Tables Include:

  • Powder Coated frame.
  • Tempered safety glass.
  • Pull out keyboard tray.
  • Reinforced plates on all welding joints.
  • Raised monitor shelf.

On the whole, although the glass of this desk is often difficult to clean as a result, you will spend a whole lot of time cleaning fingerprints off of its surface. Nevertheless, this desk’s sturdy tempered glass construction, elevated monitor shelf, plenty of desk space as well stability makes this PC gaming desk stand out as the best glass gaming desk.



  • Well-designed.
  • Nice little shelf for books.



  • Glass is often difficult to clean.


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Best Gaming Desks 2022 – Buying Guide

If you are a game lover, then having the best gaming desks is extremely important if you want to always have an exciting gaming experience either when gaming alone or with friends. However, choosing the best computer desk that will guarantee the best gaming experience can be a difficult task.

As a result of the above, before deciding on the desk to go for, it is necessary that you have certain factors in mind. Such factors include the desk’s material, assembly, available space, cost, and features just to mention a few. However, we have provided you with a comprehensive guide to assist you in making the best choice that will suit your preference.


The important factor that you can consider before choosing a gaming desk is the materials. Gaming computer desks come in a range of several materials such as Wood, Steel, PVC, and Glass which is a tempered safety glass. Wooden desks are professional looking and sturdy desks that are suitable not just for gaming purposes but also for office use however, they are always very heavy.

On the other hand, contrary to the belief that Glass desks have the tendency to break easily, in all honesty, these desks are made from tempered glass which is durable. Although it has cleaning issues, nevertheless it is strong and reliable.

Similarly, some desks are also made from either steel or PVC and most times from the combination of both. In all, steel and PVC decks are often lighter in weight so you can move easily.


Gaming desks come unassembled as a result, some desk requires more time to assemble than others also it will take even require far more time to assemble if the user is not skillful.  As a result of this, if you fall under the category, not those who are technically skilled in such an area, it is advisable you go for a simpler, smaller, and DIY gaming desk. This is to help save you the time spent during assembly.

But if you are skillful or ready for the challenge then you can go for bigger and advanced types that best suit the purpose for which you need it.

Above all, irrespective of the type of desk you choose, it is important you follow the instruction in the manufacturers manual. This will help you not to end up with leftover bolts and screws even though manufacturers of PC gaming desk have over the years made significant progress in producing simpler desks having few parts.


When it comes to gaming accessories, a PC gaming desk comes as one of the cheapest gaming accessories you can buy as compared with other accessories. Even though most gaming desks cost less than a thousand dollars, prices of the desks differ according to manufacturers as well as features.

Consequently, in order to get a desk that will give you the best gaming experience, you will need to stretch your budget if necessary.

Available Space

As a result of the fact that computer gaming desks come in both small and large sizes, it then becomes important to determine the available space you have in your home or office where you intend to put the desk.

This is because placing the desk in certain locations might damage the desk, for example, placing the desk close to a refrigerator or a dispenser, puts it at risk of getting affected by liquids that might leak on the floor to under the table as well as affect the CPU and other cords and cables.

In addition, since the monitors, TV, and gaming consoles are powered by electricity, it is also necessary to check if your desired location has a wall outlet. If there is none around, you will have to either change the location or make extra arrangements to overcome that challenge.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the gaming desk depend on the available space you have in your home or office. Gaming desks irrespective of their prices, come in a different range of sizes and shape for example the height of some desks you can adjust from standing to sitting position and vice versa.

Also, some desks can serve as a corner gaming desk meaning you can place the table in the corner of your room. However, irrespective of the kind of gaming desk you want, you must always ensure that its size and shape fits into the available space you have as well as possesses all the features you need. In addition, a gaming desk comes in an L-shaped form, rectangular shapes, as well as irregular shapes.


Each gaming desk irrespective of its size, shape, and design comes with certain features that make them different from others as well as meet different needs. As a result of this, you must determine what you need the desk for as that will determine the features to look out for when buying a desk.

For example, you may want a desk with adjustable legs, or maybe a desk with a retractable keyboard drawer or even a desk with a bookshelf, a mobile phone holder, or even a headset holder.

In any case, ensure you determine what you want to use the desk for and then check for desks that come with features that meet your needs. With gaming tables, there is no limit to the features they can have.


With a gaming desk, you can be certain that you will always have a better gaming experience, save space as well as reduce body pains and aches even if you spend long hours gaming.

Some gaming computer desks help to make it much easier to game at ease by providing features that gamers can rest their arms on, without leaning forward or even strain their back.

Additionally, gaming desks are efficient at saving and organizing space in your home or office as it provides a desk for your monitors and consoles, as well as shelves for other gaming accessories and equipment.

Best Gaming Computer Desk – FAQs

We tried to give you the answer to the most common questions here about your best gaming table.

What is a gaming desk?

A gaming desk that gives you the opportunity to keep your PC, monitors, TV, mouse, keyboard, controllers, and other gaming accessories. Although a gaming desk is essentially a desk made for gaming, manufacturers have developed desks that can serve not just gaming activities but you can use it for other professional purposes too.

Is tempered safety glass safe?

Certainly, even from the name, the word “safety” is enough to tell you that it is very safe. Generally, tempered safety glass is safe and is regularly used as a surface of desk, tables, and so on.

This glass does not crack under normal circumstances as it will require a heavy knock to crack or break it. A knock like a hat will as well damage a desk made from other materials too.

Why should I buy a computer gaming desk?

Although gaming desks are primarily designed to give you comfort while gaming, however, most gaming desks serve other purposes too, for example, you can also use these tables in offices and for other professional purposes.

Gaming desks are designed to be sturdy and durable, and as such, the desk helps you to organize and safely keep your gaming monitor, consoles, and other gaming accessories.

As against the option of a makeshift table, a gaming desk is sleek and helps to beautify your home or office so apart from providing an excellent gaming experience; it also helps in beautification as well as helps in saving space.

What makes a good gaming desk?

In determining an excellent gaming desk, the desk must have the capability to provide the gamer ergonomics, comfort as well as a solid desktop where you can play.

Because gamers spend a lot of time sitting in one position while gaming, the gaming desk must also be able to keep the gamers wrist, posture as well as the overall body from injury by ensuring the desk has the correct height as well as a safe distance from you to the monitor.

Other factors may include proper storage, cable management, mobile device holders, drink holder as well as necessary accessory and equipment holders.

How long do computer gaming desks last?

It is difficult to say precisely how long a computer gaming desk will last as it depends on several factors such as the material it is made from, the level of usage, and the gamer’s maintenance culture. However, most gaming desks are rigid and durable; hence, they can last for a long while under normal conditions.

How do I pick a desk that is the right height for me?

Choosing the best gaming desks having a suitable height for you is always good for anyone who loves gaming for long hours. While there are adjustable gaming desks, they are still expensive. However, you can always buy a gaming chair that will perfectly fit your gaming desk.


As previously stated, the choice of the best gaming desks will significantly depend on the need and preference of the gamer. However, irrespective of your preferences, it is essential you always consider factors such as material, assembly, size and shape of the desk, cost of the desk, as well as the features of the desk. Buy a gaming desk that will provide comfort, beautify your home or office as well as give the improved gaming experience for you.