Top 10 Best Gaming Monitors Under 500 2022 – Buying Guide

Buying the best gaming monitors under 500 is challenging. Most importantly, you should understand what you want that monitor for. People buy monitors for different reasons. It could be for gaming, editing videos or graphics, office work, and so no. In this review, we assume you are buying a monitor for gaming purposes.

Our review analyses user feedback on each of the products featured here. We have tried to select the best in terms of cost-benefit balance, by mining user reviews on Amazon. Real user reviews provide a better understanding of a product than expert tests do. This is a more objective approach to reviewing a product. People trust reviews by users more than they trust expert reviews. Comparing user and expert reviews reveal why this is so.

Best gaming monitors under 500


Experts will only test a product, not use it. They are not likely to detect problems that may arise with long term use. Buyers, on the other hand, actually use the product. Experts can easily be biased in their review. Buyers have no incentive to give biased reviews that mislead others. User reviews represent a large sample of the product. But expert reviewers only test one or two examples of the product to represent thousands or millions of it. Here are our top 10 gaming monitors under $500.

01. Acer ED273 – Best Curved Gaming Monitor Under 500

Acer ED273

The Acer ED273 is a 27-inch curved monitor. It has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. It produces sharp picture quality at a broad view. Images appear lifelike with a deep level of detail. You get the cinematic impression while gaming on this monitor. This is a budget 2K monitor that will let you enjoy any game.

The monitor is compatible with G-Sync. It works perfectly with GeForce graphics cards for a tear-free gaming experience. If your GPU does not fall below the range of refresh rate of the monitor, the G-sync feature will always harmonize the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s frame per second.

Acer ED273 curved monitor has a display ratio of 16:9. You are wrapped in the world of games with each part of the screen in sharp focus to your view. The screen tilts from -5 to 15 degrees to give you the best viewing position. It’s a best curved gaming monitor under 500 you can get.

The refresh rate of this monitor is truly amazing. It refreshes at a breathtaking 144Hz. This will significantly shorten the time it takes for frame rendering, lower input lag, and eliminates ghosting and other artifacts.


Acer’s Eye Protector allows you to stay in the fight for hours without worrying about the effects of always staring at a screen. The screen does not produce any flickers. There is a blue light filter, a comfy view, and low-diming technology. These eye-friendly technologies are geared on minimizing eye-strain due to prolonged usage. Unlike some gaming monitors, you can play as long as you want without suffering the negative consequences on the eyes.

The Acer curved monitor was designed with a wide viewing angle feature, which displays color accurately up to 178 degrees so that no matter which angle you choose to view it from, your monitor will display colors perfectly.


27 inch curved screen, 1920 x 1080 resolution, VA panel technology, G-sync compatible, 4ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate (using Display Port), VisonCare tech, 178 viewing angle, -5 to 15 degree tilt, Pixel Pitch of 0.3114mm, 250 nit brightness, and 100, 000, 000: 1 contrast ratio.



  • High refresh rate (144Hz)
  • Low response time
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Affordable
  • High resolution
  • High contrast ratio
  • G-Sync



  • Speaker sound not so great
  • Might have some dead pixels


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02. Samsung CFG73 – Best Budget 144hz 1ms QLED Gaming Monitor

Samsung CFG73

Samsung CFG73 is a 27-inch curved monitor with VA panel technology. It has Samsung’s advanced motion blur reduction technology for the ultimate gaming pleasure. This monitor is super-fast with a response time of 1ms to make your gaming experience smooth. The monitor cloaks at a 144Hz refresh rate. It is also enhanced with Quantum Dot technology and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. The high contrast ratio enables the monitor to display sharper colors. Samsung CFG73 is the best budget 144hz 1ms qled gaming monitor.

Samsung CFG73 features a very differential dual hinge and arena lighting in the stand to enhance the gaming atmosphere. Its cutting edge but straightforward gaming UI allows gamer to change the response time, refresh rate, and brightness. The 2k resolution is good enough to produce excellent images for any game. The monitor weighs about 12 pounds and costs less than $300 on Amazon. You need the best gaming mouse & best gaming keyboard with it.

The VA panel is so good that you do not have to tweak the color setting to make it look great. The curvature is only very slight, and you won’t notice it viewing the monitor straight on. The standing foot is large and well designed. It has a cable-hide making it easy for you to route your DP and USB through that to make things tidy.

The stand extends above the panel mount. This provides a convenient place to hang and charge a headset or similar gadgets. And the headset will be out of sight. There are also the programmable display mode buttons for quick and easy switching. The power light in front is small and dim. It turns off when the monitor is powered on so that there is no distracting light. Relative to quality and functionality, this monitor is cheap.

Specification in Brief: 27 inch wide, FreeSync, 144Hz, 1ms, 75 x 75 wall mount, Quantum dot technology, supports sRGB125%, and 3000:1 contrast ratio.


  • Very cheap price
  • High refresh rate
  • Low response time
  • Wide tilt and rotation angle



  • Some find the stand too big
  • FreeSync instead of G-Sync


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03. Sceptre C305W-2560UN – Best Gaming Monitor Under $300

Sceptre C305W

Sceptre C305W-2560UN is a 30” curved monitor with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1080p. It is ultra-wide, ultra-thin with an HDMI DisplayPort. It has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and refreshes at 85Hz – fast enough for most FPS or RTS games and others. The monitor features FreeSync and has a response time of 1ms. Blue light shift allows one to reduce the monitor’s blue light to avoid eye fatigue. This way, you can enjoy working or gaming on the monitor for extended periods.

This monitor may not be as tall as others will expect (about 21.9 inches tall), but it sure does produce excellent image quality. This monitor strikes a balance between a decent screen and a reasonable price. As a bonus, you are not likely to have issues working via the onboard 1060 as G-sync compatible. For this feature, the monitor sells at a nearly unbeatable price.

It has built-in speakers that produce good quality sound. An 85Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time make a difference in FPS games. The monitor sure needs a strong GPU to support the 30 inches. This monitor sells for approximately $200. For a 30-inch curved monitor of this specification and brand recognition, it is an excellent deal. This is the best gaming monitor under $300.

The stand is not so well designed. The display supports 2560×1080 if you are using the display port. HDMI won’t produce that level of resolution. With HDMI, the resolution plateaus at 1920 X 1050.

You may notice some light bleed on the edges at the top left and right corners, but this is rarely seen. You may only become aware of it under dark backgrounds, but it doesn’t come between you and the game.

The specification in brief: 30” curved screen, 85Hz, 1ms, HDMI, FreeSync, 2560x1080p, built-in speakers, and 21:9 aspect ratio.



  • Cheap price for a 30” curved monitor
  • Built-in speakers
  • High resolution and low response time
  • FreeSync compatible



  • Poorly designed stand
  • Maybe a few dead pixels


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04. LG 34UM69G – Best Budget 4k Gaming Monitor

LG 34UM69G

LG 34UM69G is a 34” monitor that weighs about 19 pounds. It has a maximum resolution of 2560×1080 pixels, which makes images crisp enough for most gamers. This monitor has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a response time of 1ms. It supports AMD FreeSync technology and has a refresh rate of 75Hz. The monitor is also HDMI enabled. This LG 34UM69G is the best budget 4k gaming monitor in the market.

You can edit 4K content on this monitor without any problems. The USB-C port is fantastic. But you will have to get a USB-C cable to leverage this feature. It lets you use the monitor with your MacBook or Windows. With an aspect ratio of 21:9, the 34” monitor gives you enough screen real estate for multitasking. The monitor has a joystick button that makes navigating the menu very easy. The built-in speakers sound very good for watching that you may not need to use any external wireless speakers or wireless headphones. It also has a wide viewing angle

The colors are accurate enough for editing 4K content. It also has a calibration test that makes sure the colors are actual. This is very important for photo and video editors. Gamers will also benefit immensely from this capability. The monitor is also very bright. A brightness level of 50% should do in most cases.

The specification in brief: AMD FreeSync, 34”, 1ms response time, 75Hz refresh rate, 21:9 aspect ratio, 2560×1080 resolution, USB-C compatible, and wide viewing angle.



  • Affordable
  • Low response time
  • High refresh rate
  • FreeSync compatible
  • High image quality



  • No additional USB ports on the back of the monitor
  • Poor support from LG


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05. Sceptre C275W-1920RN – Best Gaming Monitor Under $200

Sceptre C275W-1920RN

Sceptre C275W-1920RN is a 27” curved monitor designed for an immersive effect. It has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally. The LED monitor refreshes at 75Hz. It has built-in speakers, and it is edgeless. It also has HDMI and VGE ports.

The 1800R curvature design matches the contours of the human field of vision. This maximizes visibility and creates an atmosphere of immersion. It has an edgeless design that gives you more screen real estate. With the 75Hz refresh rate, images seamlessly transition faster to provide you with an advantage in gaming performance.

Sceptre C275W-1920RN monitor features a blue light shift mode. It has multi-ports, which include HDMI and VGA ports. This provides diversity and different preferences. The monitor also has a tilting feature that minimizes glare and clarifies images to your liking. The monitor weighs about 7.5 pounds without stand and 8.59 pounds withstand. The tilting feature reduces glare and defines images according to your taste.

The design in a thin bezel edge-less monitor that shows images edge to edge. The monitor is curved enough to be good but not to get glare from the other lights. It has good picture quality and audio speakers. The curvature gives you an immersive effect. Your eyes don’t have to sweep from one corner to the other. Sceptre C275W-1920RN gaming monitor is the best gaming monitors under $200.

Specs in brief: 27” inch curved screen, IPS panel technology, 178-degree viewing angle, 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution, built-in speakers, HDMI, VGA & Headphone Ports, and 75Hz refresh rate.



  • IPS panel technology
  • Affordable
  • High resolution
  • Wide viewing angle
  • High refresh rate



  • Response time of 8ms will be noticeable in fast-paced games
  • Slight ghosting with some games


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06. BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 – Best Cheap Gaming Monitor for Beginner Gamer


BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 is a 27-inch gaming monitor by BenQ. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 that produces sharp images. It clocks at 75Hz and a 1ms response time – fast enough for any game. These features coordinate to eliminate ghosting, lag, screen tearing, and other artifacts. Its optimized display presets for RTS, FPS, and Fighting Game modes. There is also the Smart scaling mode to create custom screen sizes. This allows users to customize their views. Its flicker-free technology incorporates in a unique bezel frame to minimize visual distractions and eye strain.

BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 monitor is compatible with console and PC platforms. It has a compact slip-resistance base that provides an ideal space for controller storage. It also has a full tilt adjustment, Dual HDMI ports, VESA compatibility, and built-in speakers. Make sure you got the best gaming desk for this beauty.

This monitor features Black eQualizer to give you an unprecedented level of control and visibility of console gaming. It brightens dark scenes without overdoing the brightness level. This is good for games with poor visibility dark scene games. Dark scenes with reduced visibility can cost the gamer their game. Vital details are preserved to let you spot enemies easily in critical combat and respond quickly to any situation.


The monitor was developed in collaboration with pro gamer. It has been upgraded to eliminate flickering at all levels of brightness. The result is a reduction in eye fatigue and enhanced the gaming experience. It delivers high visual comfort for even the most hardcore gamer who play for prolonged periods.

The monitor is equipped with two HDMI ports. You can also connect the RL-Series to your console and another HDMI device to the monitor simultaneously. You won’t have to change our connections frequently. BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 gaming monitor is the best cheap gaming monitor for beginner gamer.

Every game has an optimal color calibration. You have the option to customize gaming modes. The monitor is outfitted with multiple configurations such as FPS or RTS modes to improve the gameplay.

Specification in Brief: 27″, 1920 x 1080, 1ms, 75Hz, VESA compatible.



  • High-quality construction
  • Low priced
  • Easy to assemble
  • High refresh rate
  • Low response time
  • VESA mount compatible



  • Speaker sound not so great
  • Not so excellent viewing angle


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07. Acer SB220Q – Best Cheap Gaming Monitors Under 500

Acer SB220Q

The Acer SB220Q is a 21.5” widescreen IPS monitor that features a stylish ultra-thin design with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The monitor is 0.24 inches thin. The modern design is intended to save space and add décor to your home. You can enjoy HD entertainment and gaming on this fast monitor. AMD Radeon FreeSync ensures that your GPU and the monitors refresh rate is aligned. The 21.5” borderless Full HD IPS display lets you experience clearer images and vibrant entertainment. The ultra-thin bezel provides maximum viewing space for gaming and entertainment. Another best cheap gaming monitor under 500.

This monitor has a monstrous 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio. You have a greater color depth with games. View sharp images that give a more lavish detail of the game’s characters. You can have a life-like experience with some games that are so rich in color. It will also be great for editing videos and photos. A 4ms response time is quite remarkable for an IPS panel.

The monitor also has features like HDMI and VGA for multiple inputs. This provides more excellent compatibility and gives you a wide range of options. It is also low on power consumption and has a Kensington lock to protect the monitor. It weighs just approximately 4.41 pounds or 5.47 pounds withstand. This is a budget monitor that will give you great value for a small amount.

The screen detects the signal automatically. It turns on when a source is turned on. It quickly scans when the selected source turns off and switches to any other sources. If no connections are available, it reverts to standby mode automatically. The power cord is at least 6 feet long. It easily wraps with half being skinny wire. The ON LED is not too bright to cause any distractions and the monitor looks borderless when switched off.


There is a lot of setting with this monitor: settings for gaming, color adjustment, use, and general settings. All can be saved into 3 different gaming profiles. You can also customize which parameters appear in the quick menu. Menus pop up at the press of a button and clearly illustrate all the buttons. This makes the menu super-easy to navigate. The monitor can also display cross-hair and the current refresh rate. It is also easy to unpack and set up.

Unless you are looking for a higher refresh rate or unwilling to spend more than $200 this monitor deserves your consideration.

Specs in brief: 21.5 inches wide, 75Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time, IPS panel, 16:9 aspect ratio, – 5 to 15 degrees tilt, a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees, 16.7 million colors, 250 nit brightness, 0.1GB RAM, and 1920 x 1080.



  • Affordable
  • Fast enough
  • Easy to use settings
  • Wide viewing angle
  • IPS
  • Low response time



  • Does not have VESA mount holes
  • Does not come with an HDMI cord


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If you have the budget, here are the top 03 gaming monitors under $1000

08. Alienware 1900R – Best 34 inches Curved Gaming Monitor

Alienware 1900R

Alienware 1900R is a 34-inch curved gaming monitor to give gamer an immersive effect. If you want your gaming monitors large, you should consider this monitor, among others in this review. It has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and features an LED-lit screen. It has a high resolution of 3440 x 1440p. This ensures that not only will you have very sharp images and color depth, but also a massive size of screen real estate to run other applications simultaneously.

This monitor overclocks at 120Hz refresh rate. It features G-Sync technology for smooth gameplay. A high refresh rate combined with the 4ms response time makes it possible for any gamer to find this monitor up to the task regardless of their preferences. The monitor has a brightness level of 300 candelas per square meter. With the right keyboard, you will have a very high quality gaming experience. This is the best 34 inches curved gaming monitor selected by our editor.

The spectacular features of this monitor eliminate tearing, minimizes display stutter, and input lag. It is perhaps the reason that many buyers on amazon express ultimate satisfaction with the monitor. You can also customize this monitor with four different lighting zones for a personalized dynamic look to your taste.

The monitor is designed in an iconic style with a polished silver finish, ultra-thin 3-sided bezel. The unique step-venting details will dissipate heat and maximize performance. There is also the unearthly glow of triad lighting to complement its spectacular build. Additionally, there is an HDMI display port, 4 USB 3.0 ports, and AW3418DW, among others.

Specifications in Brief: 34.1” wide, Curved LED-lit monitor, WQHD 3440 x 1440p resolution, 4ms response time, 120Hz refresh rate, NVIDIA G-Sync, 21:9 Aspect Ratio, HDMI, Display Port, 4x USB 3.0, AW3418DW.



  • Competitive pricing
  • High resolution
  • Wide curved screen
  • High refresh rate
  • Low response time
  • G-Sync adaptive technology
  • Wide tilt, swivel, and height adjustment



  • Noticeable light bleed on the left side
  • May flicker when overclocked
  • Might come with some dead pixels


These cones are no big deal as most buyers on Amazon are OK with it. Flicker may happen when overclocked at 120Hz, but setting it back to 100Hz should eliminate that issue. Dead pixels aren’t much reported on this monitor, only in a few cases. Plus, you can request a replacement if you find any problems with your device.

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09. ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR – Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor


ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR is a TN panel 27-inch gaming monitor by ASUS with a maximum brightness of 350 cd/square meter. It combines a lot of specifications for the ultimate gaming comfort. It also features Eye Care technology that filters blue light and produces a flicker-free back-lighting to reduce eye strain and other eye problems.

This gaming monitor refreshes at up to 165Hz to give you an advantage in first shooter games, racers, sports, strategy, and other categories – particularly in a competition. You can play at the highest visual settings, letting you get that first strike in.

The design is aimed at marathon gaming sessions. It features an ergonomically-designed stand with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment to let you always find that ideal viewing position whether you’re on the couch or the bed.

With this monitor, you have a multi-display for a wide connectivity option via DisplayPort1.2 and HDMI ports. There are also two USB 3.0 ports for the mouse and keyboard. You get this different display option for WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution.

The ROG Swift PG278QR incorporates NVIDIA G-Sync display technology to give you smooth and spectacular gaming experience. Your monitor’s refresh rate synchronizes with the GPU in your GeForce GTX-enabled PC to eliminate screen tearing and dial down stutters and input lag. This is the best 27 inch gaming monitor.

Specifications in Brief: 27 inches wide, 2560x1440p resolution, 1ms response time, 165Hz refresh rate overclock, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, USB 3.0, G-Sync, 350cd/sq. m., Adjustable R/G/B color settings, ASUS Eye Care.



  • Affordable price
  • High resolution: Sharp image
  • Quick response time
  • G-Sync Adaptive technology
  • No dead pixels
  • User-friendly menu
  • Easy to assemble
  • 90 degrees swivel



  • Poor viewing angle: typical of TN monitors
  • Expensive
  • Too bright for dim or dark rooms even with the brightness turned down to 50


There is much satisfied with this monitor on Amazon despite the few drawbacks. Only a few buyers see an issue with brightness. Buyers who say it is expensive also note that it is worth the price, with most of them giving it a 5 star. As long as you do not view your monitor from a wide-angle, you shouldn’t have any complaints about the image quality. TN monitors typically have less viewing angles than other monitors, but much faster.

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10. Samsung CHG90 – 49″ Super Ultrawide QLED Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung CHG90

Samsung CHG90 monitor by Samsung is a 49” ultra-wide curved monitor. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz, a resolution of 3840 x 1080p, 1ms response time, and features FreeSync technology. It also supports HDR. The quantum dot technology, in combination with HDR support and factory calibration, provides spectacular color contrast.

The vertical resolution of 1080 may seem low for some gamers. This is due to the ultra-wide screen. But it is perfectly normal as the images displayed show considerable detail. The size provides enough screen real estate to run up to three or more windows simultaneously. The monitor has a DPI of about 80. Due to this DPI, fonts may not appear as sharp as some gamers would want. It also features automatic tilting.

This ultra-wide Samsung CHG90 has a 49-inch screen and a 32:9 aspect ratio. You can always see the entire scene of the game exactly as intended by the developers. The 1800R curvature gives gamers the ideal immersive experience of a cinematic view. If you are the type that wants everything about your gaming experience significant, this might be the type of monitor for you. This Samsung CHG90 is the best ultrawide gaming monitor in our list.


It features Quantum Dot technology. This QLED gaming monitors developed by Samsung has satisfied a lot of buyers on Amazon, as seen in the many reviews. Gaming on this monitor makes for a very lifelike experience with its billion shades of color. The CHG90 QLED gaming monitor supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. Dark areas are darker and bright areas brighter. The monitor produces spectacular detail of images. Gamers will appreciate how sunny blue skies share the screen with deep shadows and silhouettes.

This is a VA panel monitor with a 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate. It is designed for those who work with fast-moving content like games. It produces a superior image with a billion shades of accurate color.

The Specification in Brief: 49 inches wide, VA panel technology, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 33 pounds heavy, 32:9 aspect ratio, and FreeSync compatible.



  • A large screen real estate
  • Great Design
  • High refresh rate
  • Low response time



  • Poor customer service
  • Expensive


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Best Gaming Monitors Under 500 – Buying Guide

There are monitors in the market to satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether or not a monitor is the right choice for you depends on your preferences regarding image quality and performance. Some gamer prefer superior graphics to an incredible speed. Others prefer speed to image quality. Both features are significant. Both of these critical features should at least reach an acceptable minimum. Otherwise, you aren’t likely to enjoy gaming on the monitor. This buying guide will help you to choose the best gaming monitors under 500.

The acceptable minimum varies by gamer, and the type of games played. Some games will perform well in a 50Hz monitor. Others won’t. In some cases, higher and lower refresh rates and response times may have no noticeable difference. But gamer who want a higher refresh rate will still go for it regardless of the type of games they play.

We will list and explain specific features that should be considered when buying a gaming monitor. They include: Refresh rate, Response time, Synchronization technology, Resolution, Contrast ratio, Aspect ratio, Panel technology, Screen size, and most importantly Price. These are the essential features of a gaming monitor. You can also consider less critical functions like in-built speakers, accessories, VESA compatibility, Display port, EyeCare technology, etc.

Panel Technology

We begin by explaining panel technology because it has a significant effect on many of the features mentioned above. Panel type affects the refresh rate, image quality, response time, viewing angle, and other less important factors. There are three-panel types for gaming monitors, namely: IPS or In-plane switching, VA or Vertical Alignment, and TN or Twisted Nematic. Each has features that put it at an advantage or disadvantage relative to the others.

Do not expect to see a monitor labeled as IPS, VA, or TN before recognizing it to feature that screen technology. Some manufacturers use different names. For example, Samsung calls it VA monitors SVA, and AU Optronics calls their AMVA. For IPS monitors, Samsung refers to theirs as PLS and AUO call it AHVA. So all these names mean the same thing. Now we will describe each panel type in some detail.

 In-Plane Switching (IPS)

The IPS is a popular type of panel that is used in many devices. It is used in devices like monitors, laptops, TVs, smartphones, and others. The primary advantage of IPS is its superior image quality and better color production. If you value image quality above speed, then IPS are the monitor to go for. This does not imply that other monitors have reduced image production. VA and TN panels of good quality produce good images as well, but they cannot match an IPS panel of similar quality. IPS panels also have the best viewing angles.

You can still see images correctly from as far as 178 degrees. With other panels, especially TN, this is next to impossible. The disadvantage of IPS panels is that the monitor’s speed is limited compared to TN or VA. It will be hard to find IPS monitors of up to 200Hz refresh rates and less than 5ms response time. If you do find IPS monitors like this, then it will be costly. Even a 144Hz IPS monitor costs far more than its VA or TN counterpart of parallel quality.

TN Plane Technology

TN monitors do not have a high image quality like the IPS or VA alternative. Image quality in a good TN monitor is acceptable. It is suitable for any gamer. The major drawback of TN monitors is that you will have a minimum viewing angle. The image starts to blot as you view the monitor from a perspective. If you want a monitor that you can play games while viewing from different angles, then it may not be the right choice to buy a TN monitor. But if you usually face your monitor straight-on while gaming, then you will have no problem using a TN monitor. It will even be to your advantage as it offers unbeatable performance speed.

VA Plane Technology

VA technology is a cross between IPS and TN. It tries to leverage the strengths of TN and IPS monitors while eliminating their weaknesses. This hasn’t been very successful. While VA monitors have better image quality than TN monitors, they are still behind IPS. They may have better refresh rates than IPS, but they have higher response times. This often causes ghosting and viewing problems in dark scenes. They are still limited to performance speed when compared to TN monitors.

There is no one-fits-all with these panel technologies. Everything depends on the preferences of the gamer. If they prefer a super high image quality to a super-fast monitor, then and IPS will offer the best options, and vice versa.

The refresh rate of a monitor is significant. Which refresh rate to look for depends on the type of games you play. Some games demand a higher refresh rate than others. For example, FPS games that are rich in color and scenery. Other games will perform well at refresh rates of 40Hz. Generally, a higher refresh rate is better. But it does cost more in some cases. It will be useful to check the best refresh rates for your favorite games and then look for monitors that can meet that requirement. If the refresh rate of a monitor is too low for a particular game, one will experience artifacts like screen-tearing, ghosting, etc.

The response time of a monitor is also crucial to performance. Response time of 8ms is acceptable, but most monitors do not go higher than 5ms. Low response time will eliminate display lag. High response time will increase display lag or even lead to some artifacts. TN monitors are known to have the lowest response time. Some as low as 1ms.

Synchronization Technology

Because a monitor has high refresh rates and low response time does not mean everything is fine. The monitor is going to work with your device’s GPU. GPUs differ in the amount of image they push to your monitor at every second. Some 30fps (frames per second) and others as high as 200fps or even more. The thing is, this rate is not always steady. There will be occasional drops in the fps. Such drops may reflect in the monitor’s performance and may even produce gaming artifacts like screen tearing. Manufactures like NVIDIA and AMD have developed technologies to help solve this problem: the FreeSync by AMD and G-Sync by NVIDIA.

FreeSync and G-Sync technologies try to match frame rates of the GPU to the refresh rate of the monitor. Usually, monitors have a range of refresh rates. Some are starting from 40Hz to 144Hz or higher. This means that any frame rate within this range will be supported by the monitor provided there is a synchronization technology like FreeSync and G-sync.

What happens is that the synchronization technology will tell the monitor to refresh at a specific rate according to the fps of the GPU. The result is that the gamer will not even notice when there is a peak of a drop in the fps. And no artifacts will appear on the screen. A good monitor should have either of the two sync technologies. There is controversy regarding which is best. Most believe G-Sync to offer better performance. However, G-Sync monitors are more expensive. The G-Sync is a patented technology, while FreeSync is open-source.

Finally, screen size is also an essential factor in a monitor. Wide screens are the most common sizes. This is because most gamer are satisfied with the view and gaming experience.


Monitors may appear to have excellent specifications on paper. But you may still be disappointed after using it for a while. Great specs do not translate to durability. If you want to make the ultimate choice about buying the best gaming monitors under 500, it is vital to read a through buyer guide and then read consumer reviews carefully. Pay attention to what users complain about and see if you can put up with that. Some problems are purely technical faults. These problems will not be familiar to all monitors of that model. But where more than one person complains of a particular issue, then you need to consider it carefully. Read as much use review about a product as you can before you buy it. Amazon is a great place to do this.