Top 12 Best Gaming Mouse 2022 – Buying Guide

Serious gamer believe their whole future depends on choosing the right gaming mouse – at least in the game and on the leaderboards. The funny thing is, they are not too far from the truth. The right gaming mouse can help them rise to higher levels and achieve higher rankings. While the wrong choice of a mouse can leave them starting at Level 1 repeatedly. To a gamer, there’s nothing more frustrating. If you are looking for the best gaming mouse to take you to higher levels in your game, the first thing you should know is that no one makes, or model is right for everyone. The gaming mouse that is best for you will depend on several different factors, two of the most important of which are your gaming preference and your grip.

Gaming Mouse Reviews



A gamer looking to level up their score in a First-Person Shooter will have different requirements from someone who plays Role-Playing or Real-Time Strategy games. Start by looking at mouse designed for the type of games you play and then narrow down your list.

Choosing a gaming mouse with the right grip is important. The mouse should be the right size for your hand, so your grip on it is comfortable yet controlling. The last thing you want is for the mouse to slip away from you while you’re in the middle of a virtual battle.


Best Gaming Mouse Review 2022

You can’t use magic in selecting which the best gaming mouse that is suitable for your need and preference. Be specific with what you need the mouse for and the particular features you are looking for as well. Try the mouse with your computer to see how comfortable you are with pairing the two together. A durable gaming mouse will last for many years if well made, designed, and maintained. Let’s check some of the best gaming mouse reviews.

01. Logitech G502 – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse


Logitech G502 is an all in one gaming mouse. It has a unique design, comes handy, well-arranged extra buttons, software package, with dot per inch (DPI). You can easily adjust the resistance scroll wheel, and with the sniper button, the action can be reduced. This gaming mouse is compatible with all kinds of game genres which makes is even worthwhile.


  • Light speed
  • A superhero sensor
  • Highly compatible with powerplay

The G502 model is a top-notch gaming mouse oozing of durability, high performance, and comfortability. It has a 16k reliable HERO sensor and very light in weight. It pairs with your PC without necessarily requiring connecting with a USB dongle. This wireless gaming mouse has several other smaller features that make it have the edge over another gaming mouse. It has a scroll wheel used for smooth spinning and modular weights which is used to set the hand feel. Logitech G502 is one of the best wireless gaming mouse available in the market, and it’s worth the price.



  • Extra programmable buttons
  • Fascinating DPI options
  • Great tracking and sensitivity



  • Not compatible with left-handed gamer


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02. Razer Ouroboros – Comes with Both Wireless and Wired Combination


Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Ouroboros is an ambidextrous compatible mouse and very flexible. It’s often referred to as a competitor to ASUS ROG Spatha. It is both a wireless and wired combination. This is a mouse solely designed for extraordinary gamer. It created with ambidextrous which makes it most gamer preferred gaming mouse. It doesn’t come with RGB lighting and some features. The Razer Ouroboros is always undergoing modifications. Almost all its parts are removable and can be switched around as you deem fit. It offers the most gripping experience because the palm crest can be adjusted. It has eleven programmable buttons and dual sensors.



  • Very customizable
  • Support both wireless and wired combination
  • It has an Ambidextrous design that supports the use of both hands
  • Optimal accuracy
  • Comes with Razer Synapse 2.0
  • Longer battery life



  • Expensive
  • Complicated


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03. Steel Series Rival 700 – Very Expensive Gaming Mouse

Steel Series Rival 700


Steel Series Rival 700 is the only gaming mouse in the market that comes with vibration. This is the most popular series of all the company’s gaming mouse series. Steel series is the most preferred among several e-sports gamer and has built a significant reputation in the gaming world. The Rival 700 is such a unique creation. It has an OLED display with many fantastic features. Speaking of features, Rival 700 has a modular design and RGB lighting. Adjustable DPI with about 16,000 and 8,000 of optical and laser sensor. It also has an OLED display.

The only disadvantage of this gaming mouse is that it doesn’t have an ambidextrous design, and this might most likely pose a problem for left-handed people. It’s compatible with all kinds of game genres. However, if Rival 700 were ambidextrously built, it would have been a very great thing. Also, its sensor can be replaced by purchasing a separate one which doesn’t come cheap at all.


  • Comes with a modular design
  • RGB lighting
  • OLED display
  • Ambidextrous design



  • A great innovative modular design
  • Top-notch RGB lighting
  • Notifies gamer of games events
  • Highly customizable
  • A nice OLED screen design



  • Does not have ambidextrous option
  • Highly expensive
  • Expensive modules


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04. Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Budget Gaming Mouse under 50


Budget Gaming Mouse under 50

Razer DeathAdder Chroma is one of the best budget gaming mouse in the market under 50 Dollars. It is a very affordable mouse, and it bespoke all what gamer wants a gaming mouse. DeathAdder is worth having plus it comes with an optical sensor that can give about 10,000 DPI. The DPI is also customizable. It has a very customizable software known as Razer’s Synapse 2.0. And this happens to be one of the best customization you can ever get.


  • High DPI
  • Comes with Razer synapse 2.0
  • RGB lighting



  • Unique design
  • Good lighting and effect
  • Features Synapse 2.0
  • Good quality built
  • Enables for customization



  • Lacking design innovation


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05. Logitech G900 Chaos – Ambidextrous Design with Spectrum RGB Lighting

Logitech G900 Chaos

Logitech G900 Chaos is one of the most top rated wireless gaming mouse in 2022. It has a whole lot of peripheral it has released and G900 been one of them. To begin with, this series has about 200 to 12,000 DPI which is a perfect thing. There’s also the Spectrum lighting which is from the stable of Logitech RGB lighting. You also get the software suite for free. It supports both wireless and wired connections. Most impressively, it comes with ambidextrous design, which supports the use of both hands. Gamer can play as they so desire with this feature.

Chaos Spectrum has lots of finest features that will keep you in awe. It’s undoubtedly one of the most craved for the right person in the gaming market.


  • Spectrum RGB lighting
  • Comes with sensor and switches
  • Comes with free Logitech software



  • Well deserving Spectrum RGB lighting
  • Customized buttons
  • Comes with an ambidextrous design
  • Has the sensor and switches
  • Easy to use Gaming suite



  • Very pricey
  • Lacks charging mat


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06. Asus ROG Spatha – Best Programmable Gaming Mouse


Best Programmable Gaming Mouse

Launching the Asus ROG Spatha flagship gaming mouse was a big surprise to game lovers. This is one of the best gaming mouse you can ever see. It’s features packed. Spatha goes beyond just the gaming mouse it’s known. It has an astonishing design that makes you think of biting but to have the gaming mouse. Technically, the mouse has several programmable buttons, fast charging. It’s wireless and wired compatible. It has over ten programmable buttons that you can be programmed as you wish.


  • RGB lighting
  • Programmable buttons
  • Wireless and wired connection
  • Excellent charging rate
  • It’s ergonomic



  • Unique a classy design
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Packed with software and hardware suites
  • Very bright RGB lighting
  • Comes handy



  • Heavy for gamer with some hands
  • Low performing buttons
  • Very pricey
  • Side buttons are hard to press


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07. Logitech G300s – Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hand

Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hand

Logitech G300s is one of the best budget gaming mouse. It’s very durable and performs excellently. It comes with ambidextrous design, has about six extra buttons, and works perfectly with the Logitech software. This is a well-packaged gaming mouse that comes at a little cost.


  • Super extra buttons
  • Software and hardware suites
  • RGB lighting
  • Ergonomic



  • Extremely affordable
  • Ambidextrously built
  • Enough extra programmable buttons
  • Very handy for gamer with small hands



  • Not a new series
  • Lacking in bells and whistle


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08. Corsair Harpoon RGB – Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse


Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair Harpoon RGB is also one of the best budget wireless gaming mouse available in the market. It works excellently and comes very affordable. Corsair Harpoon has a sleek design with a very comfortable grip. It features small RGB lighting. It has a straightforward mouse layout, which means it is not ergonomic and has just two extra buttons.


  • Supports wireless connection
  • Longer battery life
  • RGB lighting
  • Excellent performance



  • Very affordable price
  • Perform excellently
  • Very durable battery life



  • Lacks extra buttons
  • Not ergonomic
  • Lightens unnecessarily


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09. Corsair M65 Pro RGB – Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 50


Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under 50

Corsair M65 Pro RGB is the best budget gaming mouse under 50. For FPS gamers, this is the best budget gaming mouse that’s a must-have for you. This gaming mouse recorded massive success in the market and was able to knock out top series when it was released. The gaming mouse features outweigh its price to a greater extent. It’s uniquely designed and every penny spent in acquiring this gaming mouse is worth it. The software is straightforward to use. It’s lightweight which means it can fit into any hands perfectly. This created for FPS games but interestingly, This mouse is very comfortable for just any genre. It’s designed with lighter hands which will make it easier for you to glide. However, RGB lighting cannot be controlled via customizable software.


  • Adjustable weight system
  • High quality
  • Customizable software
  • Controllable DPI



  • Nice design and good quality
  • Adjustable weight system
  • DPI can be easily  adjustable
  • Very affordable



  • The RGB lighting is not customizable


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10. Logitech G ProBest Gaming Mouse Under 30


Best Gaming Mouse Under 30

Logitech G Pro is a very durable gaming mouse, so this is a gaming mouse for gamer that like to play games for a more extended period. This is your best gaming mouse under $30. It is designed with a customizable light that adds brightness to the mouse. You can adjust the color you prefer. This gaming mouse can never disappoint you. This gaming mouse is not ambidextrous, but it’s worth buying for the right-handed gamer. They come with more substantial and mechanically made buttons.


  • Durability
  • RGB lighting



  • Enough lighting
  • Fast response
  • Very affordable
  • Very durable



  • Not ambidextrous


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11. Corsair Ironclaw – Best Gaming Mouse for Larger Hand


Best Gaming Mouse for Larger Hand

Corsair Ironclaw is one of the best gaming mouse for larger hand. Using a small gaming mouse with larger hands delivers a speedy game that can be difficult. Instead of forfeiting your comfort and speed, Corsair Ironclaw will provide both for you. The gaming mouse is superb and was specially designed for comfortable palm grip and gamer with larger hands, and it doesn’t disrupt your speed when playing games. It’s lightweight and still gives you all that experience and feel you want in a game.

Impressively, it has about 18,000 DPI sensor. It offers absolute accuracy. It comes with sensitivity customization, which also provides the best tracking. For the safety of the buttons and in order not to disrupt you while playing games, the Corsair Ironclaw is designed with ultra-durable Omron switches. The ultra-durable Omron just as the name suggests is designed to last for years, so you need not worry over its durability.

Programmable buttons are essential in games, and this fantastic mouse comes with 7 of its which you can adjust as you wish to depend on what you need. The mouse also has two distinct RGB light, isn’t this impressive? With this lighting, you can set up as you like and brightens your game more.

Additionally, most gamer are aware of the fact changing locations after having set up your gaming mouse will make you lose all your settings on the mouse. This is not so with Corsair Ironclaw. Your settings are protected and will remain intact for as long as you want thanks to the hardware macro playback. With the scroll wheels, controls are made even more precise. It enables you to move the wheels around at a time, and this is a feature that’s very important when playing fast-paced games.


  • Two RGB lighting
  • Ultra-durable Omron
  • Scroll wheels
  • 18,000 DPI
  • Sensitivity customization
  • Programmable buttons
  • Hardware macro playback



  • Very high DPI
  • Accurate tracking and speed up
  • You won’t lose your settings
  • Responds faster



  • Not suitable for small hands


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12. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Best Racing Gaming Mouse

Best Racing Gaming Mouse


You should be familiar with the fact that most gaming mouse are designed with features that are not necessarily needed. They are merely striving to manufacture something that will be different from every other gaming mouse series to make you buy their product. Razer DeathAdder Elite is one of the best racing gaming mouse available in the market that’s simple and yet does the essential things a gaming mouse is expected to do. It’s an all-around gaming mouse that’s perfect for lol kinds of game genres. This is the ideal gaming mouse for everyone. The gaming mouse is designed with ergonomics. It comes with two buttons on the left side which you can access with your thumb. It makes provision for easy gripping with the textured surface for the fingers and thumb.

Razer DeathAdder Elite has the most basic functionalities that a gaming mouse should possess, and that is its most significant uniqueness. More so, the Death Adder Elite has a scroll wheel that you can access, and it has two buttons that you can customize. There’s also the Razer software which delivers optimally. It comes with RGB lighting which you can customize to your choice of color.


  • RGB lighting
  • Scroll wheel
  • Ergonomic design



  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable



  • Lack of innovations


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Best Gaming Mouse 2022 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Why You Need a Gaming Mouse?

So why exactly do you need to buy a gaming mouse in the first place? Can’t you just game with a regular mouse? No, you can’t. Gaming mouse are designed very differently and have a slew of features that you will not find in their non-gaming counterparts. Just a cursory look at a gaming mouse reveals many more buttons on top, at the side, and even in its grip. And that’s just the beginning.

Ideally, a gaming mouse is like a regular mouse but with improved and higher features. They respond faster and are designed with higher sensors. These mouses are designed and built with quality material like plastics, metals, and others. Gaming mouses are designed to eradicate any kind of inputs setbacks. For instance, a gaming mouse is expected to have RGB lighting and any gaming mouse designed without it should not be considered as one of the best gaming mouse in the market nor can it come close to been mentioned as a gaming mouse. Such a mouse could be fantastic in terms of performance but with the way technology and innovation have taken over things, most gamer won’t see it as their best choice.

We’ve put together some of the more compelling reasons why you need a gaming mouse, regardless of the type of games you play or your skill level.

Things You Must Know About Gaming Mouse

  • Sensor
  • Sensitivity
  • Polling rate
  • Prediction
  • Acceleration
  • Profiles
  • Weight
  • Programmable buttons
  • Lift-off distance.

It has become too familiar now that most gamer think that having a gaming mouse would improve their gaming performance. This is wrong. Buying a gaming mouse to improve your gaming ability won’t do you any good at all. Most professional gamer do not make use of gaming mouse at all, and yet they play at their best and win competitions.

Customization Options

With a gaming mouse, you can customize most settings, from the sensitivity levels to deciding what you want each individual button to do depending on your gaming style. Some of the higher-end models even allow you to adjust their weight, so they feel and perform just right. All of these customization options will enable you to get the best user experience.

Higher Sensitivity & Greater Precision

Sensitivity and precision – two things that matter most to any gamer. Gaming mouse are highly sensitive. The slightest flick of the wrist is enough to aim at your target, unlike a regular mouse where you must move several millimetres by which time your target is long gone. Yes, every microsecond counts in a fast-paced game, and a gaming mouse is designed for that. 


When you spend hours engaged in online battles, your hand is continuously gripped around the mouse. A poorly designed mouse will leave your fingers and wrist feeling badly strained with such extensive use. Manufacturers consider this and go to great lengths to create devices that are ergonomically designed for different hand shapes and sizes. 

Laser Beams

Lasers make everything about gaming mouse superior. Lasers in gaming mouse make a difference. This mouse works better. The infrared laser used helps in-game rating high-resolution image, and having a high resolution brings about a high DPI.  A laser mouse is high in price but comfortable.


Having a high DPI is a game-changer. DPI is a hardware part of a gaming mouse, and it is quite sensitive, plus it is very accurate. In games that require accurate precision, having a higher DPI is key because it makes the accuracy even better. Having a higher DPU likewise helps with 4K screens. And at the same time, having a DPI can be problematic because of its sensitivity as this might cause a slowdown in the game or even make you overshoot.

However, it will be better to make better use of the control switch and other features of DPI. Some gaming mouse comes with DPIs that are controllable. Buying such a gaming mouse is much better. With this control switch, you can control the DPI.

Polling Rates

In a gaming mouse, the polling rate measures the rate at which its position is reported to another part of the computer. Polling rates in gaming mouse are measured in Hertz abbreviated as Hz. When the polling rate gets to a point, it diminishes. While having a low polling rate can make slow down the mouse response. The ideal polling rate, according to most gamer, is around 500Hz, while a low one is at 125Hz. There is also 1000Hz. Anything higher than this is a no-no. In a nutshell, the polling rate is used to transmit high connectivity for a high-quality gaming mouse to increase its speed.

Wired or Wireless

This is about convenience and dependability. But truth be told, a wireless gaming mouse cannot be very dependable like a wired gaming mouse. Also, with the wireless mouse, there’s a tendency for better communication between the computer and the mouse. Every wireless gaming mouse is designed with radio waves. Although they are quite prone to interference.

Additionally, wired gaming mouse may not be too satisfying as it comes with its problems. Times, their wires can be short and unattractive. Whereas, most of the wireless mouse comes with long cables. They are beautiful and properly tied. Howbeit, most wireless mouse are functional, less cumbersome and durable 99%. But the remaining 1% can pose a serious issue(s).

Programmable Buttons

The number of programmable buttons or macro keys differs from mouse to mouse. Most gamer see these programmable buttons as useless, and they are not used for anything at all. However, in some genres of games, these programmable buttons are useful in playing such games like MOBAs, MMO, FPS, RTS, etc. These buttons are suitable for fast shooting and fire. But having too many programmable buttons in a mouse can render the mouse worthless. Generally, these macro keys can be either on the left or right side of the mouse. This depends on the ambidextrous status of the mouse. Choosing the gaming mouse or chair for gaming can give you that subtle experience when using these keys is paramount. You can set these keys to your preference concerning your gaming abilities.


Some gaming mouses have little weight. Some of them come with no compartments. As a professional gamer, you need to worry over this whereas, and a game designer needs not to worry over this.

The most important thing here is that your gaming mouses weight depends on your gaming style. The way you grip the mouse may likely not make the weight an issue for you. If you can flip the mouse around, it adjustment won’t be a problem but hassle-free.

Test the Mouse

It’s a must to test your gaming mouse first or all. Just over viewing the mouse from a picture won’t show how durable it is. Test driving is the best option you have. Pay attention to all details, and be sure you are satisfied with what you have. Check the buttons, the lighting, the grip, and be sure it fits perfectly into your hands. And also don’t forget the wireless charging features when you choose wireless gaming mouse.

Improving Your Gaming Mouse Performance

The kind of gaming mouse you have can determine the success rate you will record while playing your game. Choosing the best gaming mouse is one thing; it being the absolute best for you is another. It’s possible that you get the right gaming mouse and with the preferred specifications, but still not satisfied with it due to lack of comfortability. Once you have made your selection, do the settings, and maintain the settings.

Before you decide to buy any gaming mouse, there are things you must know so you don’t regret buying what won’t satisfy you. Below are things you must know.

Different Mouse for Different Genres of Game

This is true. Some mouse is designed for some games. There are several top brands now in the market and there are varieties of options to choose from. As a gamer, you need to know the genres of the game you are interested in before you buy a mouse. So basically, there are just three genres of game, and they are;

  • First Person Shooter (FPS),
  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and lastly,
  • Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

And as it seems, most gamer prefer playing one or two of these games. And gamer that also play the three games as it were. So, there is some gaming mouse that is designed to go with any kinds of genres such as the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.

gaming mouse reviews

Different kinds of Mouse Grip

Each gaming mouse is different and so also is the grip. Some grips are very comfortable and handy while some are not. When selecting your mouse, you must ensure that it fits your grip. There are three kinds of mouse grips, which include;

  • Fingertip grip: this works with just two fingers and the thumb touching the mouse in this kind of grip.
  • Claw grip: this uses the palm in gripping the mouse with some little tweaks with the index and middle finger aching a bit backward.
  • Palm grip: this is most gamer preferred grip. The bad rests in the mouse entirely, and this makes it very comfortable to grip the mouse without having to adjust constantly.

How to Test a Gaming Mouse?

As a gamer, it’s essential for you to test the gaming mouse for at least three days, but it’s better to check it accurately so as not to regret your choice later. Using it regularly during the testing period is the best way you can get to know how good the mouse truly is. This helps in testing the grip and comfortability. Try playing with a different set of games to get accustomed to how you will be handling it for different genres, that is if the mouse is not genre-specific. But for genre-specific mouse, you focus only on that genre. Any mouse that you feel very comfortable using will probably be the best choice for you.

Difference Between Regular Mouse and Gaming Mouse

There seems to be not much difference between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse. It can take three forms of any design and does not necessarily need to have many buttons and additional lighting. Any mouse that’s worth spending on must have two distinct attributes which are; optical or laser sensor. Sensors are used for natural movement. The second attribute is customization. A right wireless mouse must have some degree of customization for its users. For easy usage, almost all optical gaming mouse comes with extra buttons, adjustable weight, additional long cables’ and so on.

More so, most of the gaming mouse in the market are not wireless, which makes it easier to connect to the PC. Whereas, best wireless gaming mouse tends to be highly expensive since they are custom designed.

Types of Gaming Mouse

Below are the different kinds of gaming mouse you can choose.

  • Shooter mouse: High-speed and primary. Simple for everyone and allows for easy adaptability.
  • MOBS mouse: Known as Massively Multiplayer. Relatively for online multiplayer. They are ideal for games that are linked to custom-based skills. It can be a bit complicated for beginners.
  • Ambidextrous mouse: This is a lefty option. It is shaped symmetrically and has buttons. It comes with a thumb button on each side.

best gaming mouse reviews


Why Should You Bother About Having the Gaming Mouse?

Is a gaming mouse a luxury or simply something worth having? Is it possible to play games with a standard mouse? This is not affirmative. As mentioned earlier, responsiveness and comfortability are paramount. No one wishes to play games with frustration due to the latency issue between the mouse and the computer.

What Is Best for FPS Games?

To most gamer, they believe that some mouse is excellent for specific genres of games. This is not so worth FPS reason been that a mouse that’s suitable for you may not be ideal for another person. There are some key points that make mouses great for FPS.  In playing the fortnite game, you don’t need extra buttons but having a high DPI and excellent responsiveness is a must. Don’t be deceived into buying a mouse designed solely for FPS because most of them have incredibly high DPIs that are not needed at all. Take note that you can change the DPI settings from your computer. The bottom line is, FPS gamer should be concerned with DPI and responsiveness and not extra programmable buttons. And make sure you got the right gaming laptops for the FPS game.

 What Is Best for MMORPG Games?

These genres of games need extra buttons. Although responsiveness and high DPI is inclusive. Additional buttons will go a long way in recording success in your game.

What Is Best for RTS Games?

RTS can be placed in between MMORPG and FPS looking at the aspect of performance. The good news is that you don’t need such extra buttons except that you need accuracy, a very high level of skill. In playing RTS, a gaming mouse that has it all the key.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Mouse

Before you proceed into buying any wireless or wired gaming mouse below are some of the most asked questions that every gamer usually asks.

01. Is It a Must I Buy a Gaming Mouse, Why Can’t I Get a Regular Mouse?

Honestly, using a regular mouse has never been a problem. Just that gaming mouse offer backs features that bring about better experience when playing games. These features help to up your games. Many gamer see having extra buttons to click. Colorful lighting is also an excellent feature, and its sensor is wonderfully designed. Since gaming mouse seems to offer better performance, they are best for playing games.

02. How Many Extra Buttons Should I Look?

You can’t have a direct answer. This is because the genres of games you are playing will determine the number of buttons you would want to have on your gaming mouses. For FPS, about five buttons are okay. While for MMOs and RTS games, about 6 to 9 buttons are enough. It also depends on personal preference all the same.

03. What Is the Preferred Way to Hold a Gaming Mouse?

Hold the mouse the best way you feel comfortable holding it. However, the ideal way to hold it would be either through the palm grip or the claw grip. The palm grip means all your fingers are on the mouse and they thumb closer to the mouse. While the claw grip means you have your fingers directed upwards and the top of the fingers resting buttons. The two grips are excellent and enjoyable, but it is a personal choice of how you choose to hold your mouse.

04. What Is the Ideal DPI?

Most gaming mouse have about 800 to 1800 DPI. But some gamer prefer a higher DPI.

05. Where Can I Get Gaming Mouse to Buy?

The gaming mouse is available at every game store both online and offline. They are available on Amazon and other famous and reliable stores.

best cheap gaming mouse

Final Verdict

All the mouses mentioned here are all fantastic and fabulous. They have been tested and are found to be reliable, durable, full of speed, good lighting, and sensors. Having looked at the gaming mouse in 2022, you are closer to select the best budget gaming mouse for yourself. Therefore, you should know the type of mouse that suits your preference and the features you are looking for. You should also be able to make your choice of grip. Although the gaming market is large but with all the above mentioned, it can’t be confusing for you whatsoever. We believe that this list will help in taking care of your gaming issues and help you become a genius in the gaming world.

Whether you’re a novice looking to buy your first gaming mouse or an experienced gamer looking for a new toy. We strongly advise you not to rush into buying one just because it’s the latest in the market. Take your time, do your research, and consider your style, preferences so you get the best gaming mouse for you.