Top 13 Best Home Theater Systems 2022 – Buying Guide

You feel the bass vibrating from the speakers straight to your chest. You hear the tenor and the loud voices reaching out to you like the hands of your loved ones. They look beautiful, they sound appealing, and they are called the best home theater systems. They used to be a regular feature in homes, now they are found in salons, bars, and other places. With different shapes, sizes, and models and if you are a lover of music, it means you will leave with little option about which is your best.

Home Theater System

Home theaters have always been around, but modern ones have redefined the way we now listen to music, watch movies, and enjoy home entertainment. They come with advanced features such as wireless connection, high fidelity speakers, USB port, DVD/Blu-ray player, and an option for wired and wireless speakers.  There are several dozens of home theater systems from different brands, but only thirteen made this elite list of best home theater systems of the year.

Several factors influence the choice of buyers from wireless surround sound to the device having the best wireless Bluetooth surround sound. And if you are crazy about brands, you will love any of the Bose, RCA, Sony, or Dolby Atmos selection.

Best Home Theater Systems Reviews 2022

01. Bose Acoustimass 6 Series V  – Bose Home Theater Speaker System


Bose Acoustimass 6 Series V

Bose Acoustimass 6 Series V superb speaker from Bose is a wonder to behold. It comes with five different speakers, coupled with a massive sub-woofer. Those who have used it, call it the best surround sound system because of its functionality, sound quality, and many other qualities. Each satellite speaker has a capacity of 100-120W, which is why it is known as the product that has small speakers with surprising performance. With Acoustimass, you will bring films, sports, and music to your home as if you’re live on stage or in the studio with performers.

The speakers are designed for wall mounting, and cables and connectors are easy to install. Depending on your choice, you can install the speakers and modules to fit your room aesthetics. They come in a sublime carbon black color, and the speakers can be connected wirelessly with the use of an Ethernet Wi-Fi. For movie lovers, you might be taken aback because of the absent BLU-RAY player the most.



  • if you are a lover of sleek and portable speakers, you will love the exquisite design of the Acoustimass 6 Series V Home Theater Speaker System.
  • There are several facets for input connections
  • It has wireless digital surrounds and a unique bass module.



  • Does not support additional speakers
  • It’s costly.
  • The speakers are for small rooms, and their quality will be enveloped in large rooms.
  • The absence of an inbuilt BLU RAY player is a setback for those who love to enjoy HD movie experience.


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02. BDV-N9200W – Sony Home Theater System


Sony home theatre system

Everyone knows Sony as a force in electronics, and this is the full weight they bring to bear with this home theater system.  If you are the user who loves a sound quality that can bring the roof down, you will love this home entertainment system for each of its powerful 100 W speakers.  This is the Sony BDV-N9200W5.1 complete with USB port, 1200 W output, HDMI connection, Bluetooth, and many other tasty features. Movie experience will no longer be the same as the Blu ray player with playback options with this one of the best home theater systems.

There are two pairs of upright speakers for each side of your room or four for each Conner of your room. This wireless 5.1 surround sound system still uses a wired connection for its speakers. Your movie and music experience will be amplified to a whole new level with the Dolby Atmos sound; unfortunately, it does not have a bass adjustment option.



  • It is a wireless system with wired speakers which is a double advantage for users
  • Comes with a Blu ray player with fantastic playback options
  • It has one of the best home theater speaker system with a 1200W output.
  • It has Bluetooth, an auxiliary port and a USB port also
  • The home theater is a perfect choice for connecting to the Internet without cables because of the inbuilt W-Fi system.



  • The speakers need to be arranged at corners with no option of wall mounting
  • It doesn’t come with a bass adjustment option and 4K USB playback.


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03. LG LHD657 – LG Home Sound Theater Systems


LG Home theatre system

Life is indeed good with this pocket-friendly and small-sized home theater system. Its small but superb five speakers all deliver a combined power of 1000W small enough, but powerful enough to make you enjoy your movie and has a 5.1 channel digital surround sound and a massive woofer to match.

The LG LHD657 comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi connection which makes streaming movies and sports and other streamable content experience to long for. This wireless Bluetooth surround sound can play BLU-RAY and 3D DVD movies without conversion, and it is a top choice for those who love high definition movies. For the best of the movie experience, you can always enjoy your LG sound system with an LG smart TV which has the feature of downloadable apps. The signature pitch-black speakers are designed with a wall-mountable function and a standalone sub-woofer which is equally great looking.



  • LHD657 is one of the best home sound systems because of its price and its peculiar features
  • It comes with a built-in wireless Wi-Fi connection that is compatible with smart TV and also a perfect choice for online streaming.
  • LG LHD657 can play blue ray movies of high definition without conversion.
  • It has a 5.1 digital surround channel



  • The small size of the speakers also means the low output of 50W
  • Because of the quality, it is only suitable for small rooms.
  • It doesn’t have Dolby Atmos sound system
  • Unlike other sound systems, it cannot be upgraded to 7.1


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04. HT-J5500W 5.1 Channel – SAMSUNG Home Theater Systems

SAMSUNG Home Theater System

When it comes to speakers, the Samsung HT J5500W has an abundance and a dynamic collection of speakers all working in sync to give the user the best of entertainment at its peak. As a 5.1 channel Htib with two front speakers, two wireless back speakers, a center speaker, and a sub-woofer all of which can connect wirelessly with a Bluetooth device from phone to computer and you can enjoy a seamless stream of music, movies, and other media. There is no doubt that this is the home entertainment system in terms of price. You can watch 2D and 3D movies and enjoy crystal clear picture and sound. You can enjoy all your 3D movies with resolution as high as 1080p. Most Samsung devices come with a Dolby true HD with DTS surround sound, the J5500W is no exception.



  • The different sizes of speakers allow you to hang some and stand some, but you will enjoy all nevertheless.
  • Movie lovers love that they can watch 2D and 3D movies because of the Blu-ray player.
  • You can enjoy any form of media play as you can sync any Bluetooth enabled device to the sound system.
  • DTS Surround sound brings the cinema to your home.
  • It is cost-effective and very affordable.



  • Not all speakers are wireless.
  • Not the best of choice for those who want high fidelity output.
  • The sub-woofer plays a passive role hence the reduced bass output.
  • This theater system is not upgradable to higher specifications.


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05. Onkyo SKS-HT540 – Specialized Standby Circuitry

Onkyo home theater system

Onkyo SKS-HT540 is the ultimate home theater surround sound system that is akin to bringing the club to your home. SKS-HT540 Onkyo home theater system is a powerful ensemble of about eight speakers and a subwoofer. Each speaker is has a power of 130 W and 80db sensitivity which makes the sound gentle to the ears but loud enough to drown every ambient noise. The subwoofer is bass powered, and it has almost double the power rating of the speaker with a 230 W power. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a DVD player.  The speakers are all wired, and the front and center speakers have the best response range. This sound system is notable for its auto-on function and the standby circuitry.



  • This is a massive 7.1 channel system complete with eight front, center, and a special two-way speaker which are all power-packed and supercharged.
  • The speakers are perfect for small parties and movies because of their high fidelity
  • They are known for their aesthetic quality, which is a mix of black and silver.



  • Compared to others, this surrounds sound speaker system does not come with a DVD or Blu-ray player.
  • It’s a piece of pricey equipment to buy
  • The Onkyo entertainment system doesn’t support wireless Wi-Fi play.


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06. Philips HTD 2520 – Best Budget Home Theater Systems


Philips home theatre system

This Philips HTD 2520 home theater system is another beautiful product in terms of style and price. You might not rank it top in terms of aesthetics, but there is no avoiding or denying how good the sound is. This sophisticated sound machine has a 5.1 speaker rating, and if you are the wireless connection loving user, you will get your money’s worth from this fantastic product. With any Bluetooth enable device, you can connect and enjoy movies, music, and more with the push of a button. Your music and movie experience will take another dimension with the five medium-sized speakers and a standalone subwoofer. Any of the 60 W speakers can be positioned in any location and have furrows for wall suspension. The DVD comes with a progressive scan feature which can be connected to the speakers with wires.



  • The Philips HTD 2520 home theater system got most surround sound system reviews because of its budget-friendly price and the reasonably good sound.
  • As an entertainment system, it is effortless to set up and control with a remote
  • The brand Philips is an established and trusted brand in electronics so that you can purchase this product for that reason.



  • If you are a tech- freak you may not like this product because it lacks any outstanding features
  • The sound output might be useful, but it fails compared to other products in its category
  • Requires wireless Wi-Fi which limits the streaming experience.
  • The 5.1 system is not upgradeable, so you might have to stick to your five speakers.


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07. HKTS 16BQ  5.1 – Harman Kardon Is a Monster


Harman Kardon home theater system

We call this the ‘taj mahal of 5.1 home theater systems because of its magnificence and performance, and you will be right.  The Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ monstrosity outside matches the monstrosity of its sound inside. You can hardly stand the force of the five 120W speakers, especially when combined with the 200W subwoofer.  All the five speakers are two-way, voice-matched, and satellite speakers which makes the sound emanating from them have a 360-degree effect. One of the loveliest features pundits and users always point out is the subwoofer which has bass boost controls and phase switches which makes sound adjustment easy. Most people want this device in other colors than black; however, if black is your thing, then you will love the brilliant pitch-black design. Compared to others in its category, it is one of the trendiest home entertainment systems.



  • When compared with other devices, the Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ s sound does not affect your tv set, no matter how high the volume because of its magnetic shielding effect
  • The 360-degree effect of the digital surround speakers and woofer is perfect for an all-round room experience.
  • Beautiful aesthetics



  • The Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ does not come with a DVD or Blu-ray player.
  • It is not wireless enabled
  • The Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ does not have a wide array of colors which is challenging for some users.


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08. RTD3266 – RCA Dolby Digital Home Theater System


RCA home theater system

This is another budget-friendly home theater system that made it to our best list. One thing the RCA RTD3266 home Theater has in place of the size and power of its speakers is the DVD player. The five speakers are divided into one central channel speaker and four complimentary speakers, making it a 200W device. Don’t expect much from the 50 W sub-woofer but you will undoubtedly enjoy watching high definition videos of up to 1080p resolution.  The consolation is that it has a Dolby digital capability. HDMI output, a fully functional remote and an auxiliary unit for auxiliary play.



  • The price of this entertainment system is always the most obvious point in all the home theater system reviews.
  • If you love playing games, watching movies, and listening to music in the comfort of your home on a Dolby Digital 5.1 system, then you will enjoy the RCA RTD3266 home Theater.
  • The auxiliary port and the HDMI port makes a natural connection with other devices possible.



  • If you love BLU RAY videos in 2D or 3D format, then you might have to go for another product as the best this system has to offer Dolby digital.
  • The console features are not the most exciting if you are big on features.
  • It falls short in the wireless department.
  • Unlike other sound systems, it cannot be upgraded to 7.1


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09. HDT-600 – Klipsch Fall in Love With Glossy Design

Klipsch home theater system

If your choice of a home theater system is influenced by form over function, you will love the glossy façade of the Klipsch HDT-600. Many love them because of the design of the speakers; others like them because of the flexible positioning capability (you can situate them in any location and not experience a disruption in their function).  The Klipsch HDT-600 has four gloss speakers, each fabricated with a 0.75 tweeter for powerful sound, a down-firing subwoofer, a central channel, and a powerful amplifier. The manufacturers of this home theater system retained their signature horn technology with each speaker having a MicroTatrix horn also for enhanced sound production.

The unique speakers can rotate at an angle of 40 and produce sound horizontally and vertically. In case your house design fits floor mounting over wall mounting, you can mount the device on the floor with the threaded inserts. Did we mention that the subwoofer is perfect for sound adjustment?. But this not your best wireless home theater system you are looking for.



  • The speakers are made with beautiful and durable gloss material while the sub-woofer is made of an incredibly attractive MDF wood.
  • The satellite speakers are the easiest to install on walls and the floor.
  • The speakers are on automatic rotation, making sound circulation possible.



  • They may have beautiful external features, but they lack a few essential internal features like wireless Wi-Fi capability and a Dolby Digital surround system.
  • You might have to get another DVD player to enjoy your movie experience.
  • The speaker number is not increasable from 5 to 7 or much more.


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10. SONOS – Best Wireless Home Theater System


SONOS Home Theater System

If you are a music lover, it means that you will love SONOS Wireless Home Theater System. Not only is it a wireless beauty, but it is also a sleek and sophisticated device that you can only find extremely classy homes. Here comes another gloss design with accompanying speakers which was designed especially for the individual that has an aversion for wires. The design is in a world of its own, the sound is loud and clear, and the best part of this is that this SONOS device you can operate from an app. That might sound fancy, but some users say this system isn’t as strong as it looks and that the speakers are not overpowering like its contemporaries in the same price category.



  • The SONOS Wireless Home Theater is one of the finest in terms of glossy console and small-sized.
  • The wireless system makes streaming of movies, music, and other media very easy. With the wireless connection, any of the speakers can be in any room.
  • If you are all about apps, then this is the perfect entertainment system for you.



  • Not good in open place
  • The speakers are quite small in size and not as powerful as other equally priced systems
  • Except you are fascinated by the techy vibe, you might find it too pricey.


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11. Energy 1008207  – A Beauty to Behold


Energy 1008207

Energy 1008207 is not named ‘energy’ for calling sakes. It is for the locations where music always meets fun. So expect your home to be a little club venue as soon as you turn on “energy.”  The four satellite speakers may look conventional, but they are far from being usual. As they are all two-way speakers with each having threaded inserts and rubber bumpers when combined with the center speaker and the superb subwoofer which has an 8-inch Ribbed Elliptical Sound driver. The sound from this sophisticated combo is orgasmic.



  • The console of Energy 1008207 is a beauty to behold, especially the center speaker, which is a beauty to look at and listen to.
  • The 200W subwoofer is a potent subwoofer with special features for sound accuracy like the aluminum tweeter



  • It is on the pricey side
  • The Energy 1008207 does not have a Blu-ray player
  • Energy 1008207 does do not have the same number of speakers, unlike other theater systems. Purchasing extra speakers always result in additional cost.


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12. Yamaha YHT-5950U – Best 4k Home Theater System for You

Yamaha home theater system

If you are a lover of harmonics, acoustics, and other musical nitty-gritty, then you will love the Yamaha YHT-5950U. SP18 made a list because of two critical reasons: price and performance. It doesn’t have the gloss of SONOS or the 360-degree effect of Herman Kardon speakers, but it is a massive competition in the sound department. The Yamaha YHT-5950U is another entertainment system that finds itself in the 80db sound department with its massive subwoofer, two pairs of side speakers, and a two-way center speaker all packed with a powerful sound capacity of 145 W.

Here we need to add that each speaker has a considerable response frequency range of about 50Hz and less and a twitter rate of 0.5 to deliver the crisp. And clear acoustic that has made them the favorite of sound quality lovers. If you plan to enjoy musicals and cinemas, this is the best 4K home theater system for you.



  • The Yamaha YHT-5950U is a 5.1 channel system with the perfect speakers, and woofer.
  • The subwoofer is one of the best with its enhanced bass, which makes movie and music soundtracks surreal.
  • 4K Ultra HD HDMI with HDR10 and Dolby Vision will give an extraordinary experience.
  • Average aesthetic appeal for those who love a splash of color on black.



  • Only suitable for wall mounting
  • Only suitable for confined places.


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13. Enclave 006007 – Killer Choice for Streaming


Enclave Best Home System for Streaming

This may be the last to be listed, but it is the first if we were doing a count down from worst to best. The Enclave 006007 is the home entertainment device to have if you have the money that matches your taste. These home Theater says away with the 5.1s and in with the 7.2s, and that is the reason why this magnificent device made it to this list. Talk about DTS and Dolby digital sounds all in one package, and you have the Enclave 006007. The speakers are designed to offer 360 degrees of high definition sound. This entertainment system works with any Bluetooth enabled device, and it has the distinctive feature of a wireless remote which makes music, movie, and any form of media play seamless. The multiple HDMI ports are for game consoles, DVD players and cable.



  • Beautiful aesthetics and wireless remote makes it a hot item in the market.
  • They have high fidelity speakers with a frequency range of 50- 60 Hz.
  • DTS and Dolby Digital system is a kill for the music fanatic.



  • For a system so good, the price is such a big issue, which is no issue if you can afford it.


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Beginners Guide to Buying Home Theater Systems

You have made up your mind. You have saved up for this opportunity for years; it seems the time is ripe and near. Your musical dream or your favorite movie memories are about to start.

If you just bought it or if you are about to buy yourself a home theater system, then you can relate to what you just read above.

Home Theater Reviews



Honestly, it is such a big deal for many people to buy this because home theater systems are huge investments, and as with all investment, a good one will cost you something.

Whatever it cost you, one thing is sure; the benefits outweigh the cost. Great movies, great TV shows, and games you can enjoy with family, friends, and loved ones – except you don’t consider them worthy compensation?

Here, we will check out the different aspects of the home theaters system, from what they are, the best types, the new types, the relatively cool types, and the ones you should hurry to get. If you have anything to ask, we are wide-eared listening and are ready to answer you.

What Is a Home Audio System?

This may sound like the most stupid question to ask, but it is essential to be on the same page about what home theater systems are.

Home Theaters System is a collection of devices that can be used to boost the audio, and video experience in your living space seamlessly and enjoyably.

The best home theater system has the most influential speakers, amplifiers a, subwoofer, and other complimentary devices.

How to Choose Good Surround Sound Systems?

Choosing the best home theater systems on a budget is influenced by many factors. Some love them for their aesthetics; others like them for their functionalities; others make their choice because they are budget-friendly. But if you want to choose home Theater, we would advise that you go for quality and longevity first, functionality next, and beauty least.

Home Cinema System



One way to know a sound home theater system is the attention to detail on the exterior in the form of shockproof consoles like Yamaha with ridged protection on all its speakers and woofer.

Also, look out for the presence of surge protection factor. With a surge protector and a built-in fuse, you can be sure that your HTS will last as long as you want it. There are also many other factors to look out for, and we will consider them much later in this guide.

Components of a Home Theater Systems?

Don’t just hurry to buy a box with several speakers. Find out what the essential components of a home theater system are.

Your favorite entertainment system should have any of the following


Speaker is one of the most prominent parts of the home theater system. If you are going for a low budget 5.1 surround system, there is a possibility that your device will come with four or five speakers with their accompanying wires, except they are wireless speakers. If you are also going for any of the 7.1 surround systems, then you should expect at least seven speakers. Each speaker has special features depending on the designer. The five-speaker is always divided into a center speaker and pairs of side speakers. Good speakers have a power wattage of 50-110W and if you are looking for one of the best speakers, go for the Enclave 006007 or Bose and Harman Kardon with their 360-degree sound.

Every home theater system must come with a woofer system. A woofer system is shaped differently than all the speakers as you may have noticed. Their role is to produce low pitched audio frequencies, unlike speakers who can provide both.  If you want to buy a woofer that will bring the roof down, go for the one that has a reliable power like the Onkyo SKS-HT540 and the Klipsch HDT-600 which both have an over 200W power.


It is only the top-notch home entertainment system that comes with an amplifier. If you want to enjoy music and movie, you should opt for the system that comes with an amplifier. If you have low power speakers, an amplifier will increase the current, power, and voltage of the weak speakers.

Disk Player

A disc player that is compatible with one or more of the following, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, CDs Ultra HD Discs. Look out for home theater systems with Blu-ray discs or those that can play 2D or 3D HD audio and video. We recommend that you go for either LG for its budget-friendliness or Samsung for its BluRay player.

Factors to Lookout When Buying Best Home Theater Sound Systems

Bluetooth NFC vs. Wireless Wi-Fi

you will want to stream videos over Wi-Fi or play your favorite tune from your Bluetooth device someday. It is best to have a system that has Bluetooth, it is better to have a home theater system that has both Bluetooth and NFC, but it is best to go for a system that has the three. Bluetooth will only let you connect to other devices like your phone or tablet without wires, the NFC will allow you connect with less energy, and finally, Wi-Fi enables you to access the Internet and enjoy streaming content like music, movies, sports, and other contents.

 5.1 Digital Surround vs. 7.1 Digital Surround Sound

If you can afford it, we will advise you to go for 7.1. The best speakers that made the list of the list of surround sound system reviews were those with 5.1 and some 7.1. If you can manage six channels you can go for LG, Harman Kardon, and Sony . but if you want to go all the nine yards and enjoy your eight channels then go for the big boys who always come with two extra channels for two additional speakers. They are the Klipsch home theater system and energy home theater system. They are pricey, but they are worth it. If you got the hearing issue, make sure you use a hearing aid in your ear.

Best Home Theater System 2022 – FAQ

01. What Is the Difference Between the 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Systems?

Ans: If you have a 5.1 digital surround system, it is possible to use between 5 to 6 speakers for your system, while a 7.1 allows you to use between 5 and 8 speakers.

02. Can I Use More Than One Subwoofer for My Set Up?

Ans: While we must state that subwoofers are better if they are fewer. It doesn’t stop you from using two, three, or even more.

03. Should I Put All My Speakers in the Same Room?

Ans: Where to situate your speaker or speakers is dependent on what you want; some want their speakers in every corner of a room, others wish to their speakers in every room of their house.

04. I’m About to Buy the best home theater system, Should I Buy the One With Wired Speakers or the One With Wireless Speakers?

Ans: Except you are a sucker for wireless technology, it is better to buy a system with wired speakers as they are more dependable and have better sound quality compared with their wireless counterparts.

05. Which Is Better? a Dolby Digital Player or a DTS?

Ans: Both of these formats offer high-quality surround sound codecs but DTS s better in the resolution department and audio department also. So go for a home theater system that has a DTS such as this.

06. I Love My Home Theater System to Come in Bright Colors, but I Can’t Seem to Find Them in Such Colors.

Ans:  It is scarce to find the setup you want in the colors you wish to because most home theater-makers focus more on functionality over beauty.  Some brands like bang and Olufsen, energy, and a few others have devices that are a deviation from the traditional black or silver colors.


Home theaters are for those special moments.  They are for the moments of bonding over movies, games, and music.  They are for the moments when we laugh, cry but most importantly, for the moments when we share. With a wide selection of the best home theater systems for the year 2022, there is no doubt that every category was covered. The extremely affordable to the pricey. From the most beautiful to the very durable. From the wireless speakers to the wired speakers and from the choice of Dolby Digital DVD player to Blu-ray player. If you know what you want, you can choose the best home theater systems from the above list without making the mistake others have made.