Top 5 Best Wheelchairs For Dog in April 2020 – Buying Guide

For many pet owners, pets are one of the essential features in their lives for many, pets are their children for others, pets play a security feature in their lives. We will talk about the best wheelchairs for dogs below for your beloved dog. Dogs have been called man’s best friend for many years because of their beauty, loyalty, and utility. Over the years, dogs have served as man’s friend, man’s guide, man’s watch, and in some cases: man’s courier. The truth is, these pets have served their purpose in man’s life faithfully and loyally.

Sadly accidents happen and old age sneaks in faster than a thief in the night with its attendant issues such as rheumatism, arthritis, and many more leaving your beloved pet crippled and disabled.

wheels for dog


The loss of limbs is a challenging experience for these loyal best friends of ours and pet owners also, and if there’s any time our pets need our help, it is undoubtedly at this point.


These devices come in different shapes and sizes, but they perform almost the same function, which includes serving as wheels for dogs: small dogs, large dogs and any size of the dog, etc.


It is very easy to make home-made wheels for dogs if you are looking to make small dog wheelchair or large dog wheelchairs or just full support wheelchair for dogs that have lost the ability to use all their limbs.


A Spotlight on Some of the Best Dog Wheelchairs in the Market

Brand NameAluminum FramesAdjustable Harness 
Walkin’ WheelsYesYes
New Life MobilityYesYes
K9 CartsYesYes
Runmind AdjustableNoYes
Best Friend MobilityYesYes

01. Walkin’ Wheels – Dog Wheelchair for Large Dogs

This specially made wheelchair is the top choice for your large-sized ‘best friend’ as it comes with easy to use features and attractive colors that are animal-friendly. Your dog doesn’t need to lose the ability to live because they lost the ability to use any of their legs.


recommended for dogs weighing 71-181pounds


This product has button enabled adjusters for dogs with varying leg lengths

Wheelchair for Large Dogs


Product Features

  1. Made with extremely strong aluminum frames which are resistant to rust and markings
  2. The extremely lightweight aluminum frame allows ease of movement for your pet
  3. Double wheeled Tires attached to the frames allow for increased mobility as they are wear and puncture-resistant.
  4. Very comfortable and adjustable harness for large size dogs.
  5. They recommended for dogs that have lost the ability to use one or both of their hind limbs.
  6. Comes in several colors
  7. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors


  1. Easy to master after first use.
  2. Made from extremely lightweight aluminum which is both strong and light.
  3. Non – corrosive metal parts
  4. Resistant to scratch and markings
  5. The harness is tender to the fur, adjustable and extremely comfortable.
  6. It fits all canines from 70 pounds upwards.
  7. Dogs can perform a variety of functions with a wheelchair from stooping, running and peeing.
  8. It is the most suitable wheels for dogs back legs.


  1. Quite challenging to use by dogs initially.
  2. It could be hard to adjust at first use.
  3. Hard to assemble initially.
  4. Hard to take apart except with constant practice.
  5. Expensive to some customers.


This product comes in a variety of mild to bright colors such as blue, camouflaged color and bold pink.

Sizes for Dogs Weighing 71-181 Pounds

Weight of DogLength of Leg


Veterinarians and users are right as this is the most comfortable wheelchair for large dogs like pit bulls, German shepherds, and other big breeds.

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02. Walkin’ Wheels – Wheelchair for Medium Dogs

This beautiful wheelchair is made and intricately designed for that dog of yours by the best veterinarians and canine surgeons for those dogs that fall in between the medium-sized canines who have lost the ability to use their fore or hind limbs.


Suitable for dogs weighing between 30 to 50 pounds


These dogs are those whose fold of flank (FOF) to floor measurement is 8cm and above and whose weight measures 30-50 pounds

wheelchair for medium dogs


Product Features

  1. Light and lustrous aluminum frame which allows for effortless motion
  2. Lightweight and easy to clean harness in black
  3. Wheels are made with high quality, soft and foamy tire materials that are puncture-resistant.
  4. Three-dimensional adjustable wheelchairs.
  5. It comes in different colors.
  6. Soft and padded Front harness with adjustable side extenders


  • 1. Lightweight material for smooth movement but tough enough to endure the stress.
  • 2. Extra padding available on harness makes it extra comfortable.
  • 3. Available in colors of your choice.
  • 4. Veterinarian recommended
  • 5. Adjustable harness for added comfort for dogs
  • 6. Safe and dog-friendly.
  • 7. Useful for all breeds
  • 8. Dogs can perform a series of functions, from running, eating to answering the call of nature.
  • 9. Wheels are suitable for all-terrains


  • 1. Hard to set up.
  • 2. Mobility could be hard to maintain by dogs.
  • 3. Limiting the range of color choices.
  • 4. Design is not open to customization.
  • 5. Not flexible to be used for larger dog breeds.

Colors and Other Features

Available in brilliant blue, intense pink and camouflage


  1. Comes with a stirrup
  2. This product comes with Belly belts
  3. Appears with Leg rings

Sizes for Dogs Weighing 30-50 Pounds

Weight of DogLength of Leg (Fof)


This wheelchair is overall functional but not the most atheistically appealing.

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03. New life Mobility Adjustable Dog Wheelchairs

Your dog certainly needs a helping hand at a trying time, and there is no other time than now to give that pet of yours a once in a lifetime type of wheelchair.

This specialized wheelchair is veterinarians recommended by the very best in the industry for dogs of all sizes that have either lost the ability to use their limbs or are those who are learning to use theirs

Adjustable Wheelchairs for small dog


Product Features

  1. The durable and simple aluminum frame which supports the weight of the dog
  2. Firm, foamy and fully functional wheels that support the dogs’ weight
  3. Adjustable harness in bright colors with plastic adjusters
  4. This product comes with a spin protector and belly band for corrective functions in animals.
  5. Comes with buttons for three-dimensional adjustment
  6. Has flexible and firm straps in all the right places
  7. Comes with a usable leash made from the finest cotton


  • 1. The beautiful and solid frame which plays an aesthetic and protective function.
  • 2. Functional and well-balanced wheel made with specialized foamy material.
  • 3. Easy to clean and stain-resistant.
  • 4. Fits for all sizes of dogs, from the small ones to the huge ones.
  • 5. Easy to dismantle.


  • 1. Prone to rip and breakage.
  • 2. Works best for hind limbs and not suitable for forelimbs.
  • 3. Wheel not ideal for rough outdoor.
  • 4. Limiting the range of color choice.


This multi-color device comes in two different shades of neon and blue, neon and pink, neon and neon and silver.

Other Features

  1. Hind leg support
  2. Adjustable side extenders
  3. Belly band with firm straps


This wheelchair is not the most fanciful in the market, but its structure it makes up for the strong function.

The presence of a specialized belly band for spine protection is a testament to that, and it doubles as one of the most affordable wheelchairs in the market.

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04. K9 Carts Small Dog Wheelchairs

Finding the ideal choice wheelchairs for your small dog may be challenging, which is why K9 carts, designers of small dog wheelchairs have introduced a first of its kind device for your pet.


Perfect choice of Best Wheelchairs for Small Dog


Certified by veterinarians and other specialists, this wheelchair allows for smooth and unlimited movement as your dog recuperates or adapts to a wheelchair assisted movement.

Best Small Dog Wheelchair


Product Features

  1. Comes in different sizes from extra small to extra large
  2. Made with extremely strong aluminum frames which makes it resistant to rust and scratches
  3. The extremely lightweight aluminum frame allows ease of movement for your pet
  4. Puncture resistant Double wheeled comfortable Tires attached to the frames which allow for increased mobility.
  5. Comfortable and adjustable harness fitting for large-sized dogs.
  6. Especially for dogs handicapped in hind limbs and dogs undergoing rehabilitation.
  7. Comes in several colors but mostly in neutral colors
  8. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
  9. Doesn’t come with the harness


  • 1. All-terrain wheel ideal for rocky terrain.
  • 2. Extremely easy to assemble.
  • 3. Extremely easy to clean.
  • 4. Easy to disassemble.
  • 5. Military-grade aluminum makes it the strongest and rust-resistant.
  • 6. Perfect for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs.
  • 7. Puncture-resistant wheels.


  • 1. It comes in limited colors.
  • 2. Doesn’t have a harness, just straps.
  • 3. Wheels could be restrictive.
  • 4. The wheel isn’t scratch proof.


This wheelchair comes in aluminum frame complete with black adjustable straps

Other Features

This is not a full support dog wheelchair, so it lacks many features other than the essentials like the frame, The Wheels, and safety straps.


This small dog wheelchairs by K9 boasts of the most durable aluminum frames amongst its closest competition because of the aircraft-grade that was used in making it.

It must be noted that the wheels are not just a beauty to behold, but they also double as very strong and extremely durable making them the best wheel of dogs back legs

However, it is not the best of choice for those who want a little bit of fancy design. The absence of harness makes it a limited option for dogs with sprained backs.

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05. Runmind Adjustable XXX Wheelchair

While most wheelchair makers focus on the big dogs or the medium dogs on a few cares about the cuddly little ones.

This Adjustable wheelchair by Runmind is specially crafted and designed with the small (toy breeds of dogs in mind).

After therapy and massage must have been given the dog, what is left is a wheelchair just fit.  The adjustable XXX wheelchairs are made with and from the best materials for dogs weighing less than ten pounds.

Adjustable wheelchair from Runmind


Product Details

  1. This product comes in Small size for small dog breeds
  2. This product is suitable for dogs weighing 5-10 pounds
  3. Fully adjustable frame for height, weight, and length
  4. Solid and foamy tires
  5. Hind-leg support
  6. Comes in brilliant colors
  7. Has a colorful and foamy harness


  • 1. Extremely simple and affordable.
  • 2. Extremely simple and adjustable harness.
  • 3. Easy to assemble.
  • 4. Easy for the dog to master.
  • 5. It comes in all sizes from extra small to extra large.
  • 6. Extremely colorful and durable.
  • 7. Approved and recommended by veterinarians.


  • 1. Almost too light.
  • 2. Could dent on time.
  • 3. Tires are too narrow.
  • 4. Hard to wash because of thin straps.
  • 5. Not suitable for dogs with complete disability.

Other Features

This wheelchair doesn’t contain any additional features which are commonly associated with other wheelchairs.

Dimensions for Dogs Weighing 30-50 Pounds

Size of DogLength of Leg (FOF) in CM
Small Measuring (9-21 KG)20-36
Medium (16-26 KG)42-53
Large (20-46 KG)53-63
Extra Small (5-11 KG)20-36

The following dimensions will be the perfect fit dogs with the specified weight and heights.


This product is designed for tiny dogs, small dogs, and the likes; hence, it is unsuitable for big dogs.

It is one product that has the highest display of colors, colors that are appealing to the sight and do not put the animals to fright.

The harness is just barely functional, and it plays no other function than just holding the animal in the right places.

It must state that this wheelchair is not the best product to buy when looking at how long-lasting the product will be.

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06. Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair for Small Breeds

 Bichon Frise, Bolognese, Chihuahuas, Boston terriers are all small sized dogs that are fragile yet so fun to have as pets.

Boasting one of the most durable grades of aluminum frame construction, this wheelchair is one of the best dog wheelchairs as it has both sizes for small dog wheelchairs and large dog wheelchairs.


Specially designed for small dogs that weigh 19-41lbs


The harness is made with a material that is oil resistant, heat, and chemical resistant, which makes it tough enough to sustain the weight of your pet above the ground and gentle enough to carry them.

Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair for Small Dog


Product Details

  1. Comes in all sizes with a super-strong quality of the aluminum frame
  2. The supersolid Neoprene harness is oil, heat, chemical, ozone resistant
  3. This product comes in adjustable in weight, height, and length depending on the size of the animal.
  4. High-quality multi-colored premium flat wheel for balance and un-restricted movements
  5. It comes in different leg sizes: short, medium, and long leg sizes.


  • 1. The durable and solid aluminum frame which plays an aesthetic and protective function.
  • 2. Functional and well balanced 2 color premium wheel made with specialized foamy material.
  • 3. Easy to clean and stain-resistant Neoprene material.
  • 4. Fits for all sizes of dogs, from the small ones to the huge ones.
  • 5. Easy to dismantle and set up.


  • 1. This product is Prone to rip and crack.
  • 2. Works best for hind limbs and not suitable for forelimbs.
  • 3. The wheel could get damaged if used in a rough outdoor environment.
  • 4. Limiting the range of color choice.


This bland color wheelchair comes in two different shades of silver-colored aluminum frames, and black colored harness and leg support

Other Appendage Features

  1. Hind leg support
  2. Adjustable side extenders
  3. No Belly band with firm straps.


This Huggiecart wheelchair for a dog is one of the most universally used wheelchairs because of its stable and adjustable wheels which are suitable for all forms of terrain.

The stand-out quality of the huggie cart wheelchair is the neoprene material which is highly recommended by zoologists and veterinarians world over.

An excellent choice for a buyer looking to purchase simple and functional wheelchairs for small dogs but a poor choice for a customer looking to buy wheelchairs for beauty.

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07. Best Friend Mobility A Full Support Dog Wheelchair

There are many reasons why your favorite pet may need a four-wheel, full support wheelchair.

One reason could be old age or the sudden attack of arthritis, or it could be that over joyous soft, and furry companion of yours got struck by a vehicle.


Full Support Dog Wheelchair Cart by Best Friend Mobility Quad 4 Four Wheel


Whatever the reasons are, globally renowned wheelchair makers Best friend mobility has the solution in the form of a full support Quad 4 four wheels, wheelchair which is suitable for dogs of all sizes depending on the size you want.

Full Support Dog Wheelchair


Product Details

  1. Lustrous and lightweight aluminum
  2. Easy to wash and adjustable aluminum
  3. This product comes with exchangeable wheels (four pieces)
  4. The wheels have solid rubber exterior and foamy interior for balance and puncture-proof
  5. This product is available in three distinct colors: azure blue, camouflage, and bright pink
  6. Easy to wash and clean.


  • 1. Perfect for pet recuperating from an injury.
  • 2. All-terrain wheels are suitable for rocky and snowy terrains.
  • 3. Extremely easy to assemble
  • 4. Extremely easy to clean.
  • 5. Easy to disassemble and readjust.
  • 6. Military-grade aluminum makes it the strongest and rust-resistant.
  • 7. Perfect for dogs weighing of all weights.
  • 8. Puncture and scratch-resistant wheels.


  • 1. This product comes in limited colors.
  • 2. Doesn’t have a harness, just straps.
  • 3. Wheels could be restrictive.
  • 4. Wheels are sometimes too wide apart.
  • 5. Poor quality.

Other Features

The only distinguishing feature this wheelchair has from other ones is because it is a four-wheel hence, it contains two pairs of tires of different sizes.


The four wheels, a wheelchair is a perfect choice for a buyer looking to buy adjustable wheelchairs for their pets. That is recovering from an injury or one that is recently handicapped.

This wheelchair comes with the essential aluminum frame with adjustable stripes and detachable wheels. But this model is for the low-budget buyer with a minimal option, hence the lack of specific features and its cheap look.

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How to Make a Dog Wheelchair

Apart from restoring the limb of your pet to functional capacity all by yourself, making your dog wheelchair also helps you save money.

All you need are tools like a saw, several sets of wrenches, clamps, vise, and drill, materials like an aluminum rod, a flexible steel pipe or a PVC pipe, screws, nuts, and bolts.

How to Make Wheelchair for Dog


You can make your dog wheelchair in these easy steps.

  • Measure your dog while it’s still standing from the floor to the fold of the flank to determine the height of the wheelchair.
  • Cut out the piece of aluminum rod and drill holes at the sides to serve as a fastener for the harness.
  • If you can’t sew a strap or harness like material, you can always purchase at a souk or a haberdashers place and sew materials.
  • After that concluded, attach the wheels to the aluminum rod.

This procedure is the same when making a wheelchair for dogs of all sizes. While there might be slight modifications for small dog wheelchairs and large dog wheelchair, however, the materials and the procedures are the same.

Many pet lovers do not have the time or the skill to fabricate the necessary wheelchairs for their dogs.

Because of these individuals, we have therefore made a list of the best wheelchair for your dogs as available in the market, enjoy the selected dog wheelchair reviews.

Buying Guide of Best Wheelchair for Dogs

 What a wonderful time to be alive, a time when your pet can enjoy the beautiful things of life at an extremely comfortable cost.

It is no news that dog lovers do not want anything to go wrong with their pets or babies as some fondly call them instead.

For so long, these helpless ‘best friends’ of ours have had to be put down, sent away and cast away whenever they have issues with their fore or hind limbs.

You wouldn’t want this to be the fate of your pet, and you can make this possible by purchasing the right wheelchair for your pet, either small dog wheelchair or large dog wheelchair.

We wouldn’t want that to happen too, which is why we have designed a first of its kind book review and buying guide.

This buying guide contains all the information that will influence you in picking the right wheelchair for your dog, irrespective of its size.

With a wide selection of wheelchairs to choose from a wheelchair for small dogs, wheelchair for big dogs, wheels for dogs front legs and a wheels for dogs back legs and as you may have already guessed- a wheelchair for all the legs.

We have selected a couple of best wheelchairs for dogs for your comparison, for big dogs, medium-sized dogs, and small dogs.

If you are looking to purchase the perfect wheelchair for big dogs, you should probably go for the

Walking Wheelchair for Big Dogs

Many dog owners rush this product because of its many features and its ease of use; although this product is only fitting for the back limbs of dogs, it, however, serves its function well.

The wheelchair for hind limbs is not a challenge at all as many users have good reviews and five-star ratings and above for this product.


  1. This product is easy to master after the first use.
  2. Made from extremely lightweight aluminum, this is both strong and light: durable and mobile.
  3.  It is made from non –corrosive metal parts.
  4. Resistant to scratch and markings.
  5. The harness is tender to the fur, adjustable and extremely comfortable.
  6. It fits all canines from 70 pounds upwards.


  1. Complaints about the price.
  2. Quite challenging to master by dogs.
  3. Hard to assemble initially.
  4. Hard to take apart except with constant practice.


Walking Wheelchair for Medium Dogs

This wheelchair is a perfect fit for dogs weighing 30-50 pounds. Breeds popularly called the medium-sized dogs; if you picked this wheelchair because of its lightweight, you made a perfect choice.

This wheelchair is one of the safest and best for dogs recuperating from injuries, which is why it comes with adjusters for height, breadth, and weight.


  • Easily adjustable.
  • Solid aluminum frame.
  • Come in different colors.


  • It’s complex to set up.
  • It’s not easily adjustable for use by big dogs.


Adjustable Xxx Wheelchair From Runmind

For pet owners shopping for the most appropriate wheelchair for their pint-sized pets, this made to measure product from runmind is the best option because of its special design and features.

From its extremely affordable price to its extremely colorful harness, it’s a product to buy.


  • Approved by veterinarians for small dogs.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Extremely fragile.
  • Not suitable for dogs with complete disability.


Walking Wheelchair for Big DogsWalking Wheelchair for Medium Dogs


Adjustable Xxx Wheelchair From Runmind


Strong Aluminium FrameVery Strong Aluminium FrameStrong Aluminium Frame
Three ColorsComes in Three ColorsThree Colors
Fairly Strong HarnessVery Strong HarnessFairly Strong Harness
Very AdjustableNot Too AdjustableNot Adjustable
Fairly Easy to CleanEasy to CleanHard to Clean
Veterinarians ApprovedApproved by VeterinariansApproved by Veterinarians
Only suitable for rear limbs of the dogNot suitable for big dogsNot suitable for complete disability

The above table shows the difference or similarities that exist between selected dog wheelchairs of the different dog sizes (large, medium and small)


What to Look out for Before Buying a Dog Wheelchair

Strength of Frame

Because of the function the frame plays in the wheelchair, it is one of the essential parts of the wheelchair to check thoroughly.

Most quality wheelchair frames are made out of aluminum and even if they are not quoted aluminum hardly corrodes and hardly reacts with the animal fur or skin.

So before you make your decision check for a durable aluminum frame well fitted to the harness.

Adjustable Harness and Frame

Dogs are of different sizes, but sometimes it is very economical to use the same apparatus for different breeds of your best friend irrespective of their size.

While no one wishes for a situation where more than one of their pets are disabled and in need of a wheelchair.

If such a need arises or if such need arises in the neighborhood, the best option is to have a dog wheelchair that is both adjustable at the harness and the frame so that one size indeed fits all.

Before making your decision about purchasing a dog wheelchair, look out for adjusters and straps, this sort is not just comfortable for the pet owner’s pockets but also for the pets.

All-Terrain Wheels

This is the most important rule to be followed before buying a wheelchair with the right wheels for dogs.

Most inexperienced dog wheelchair buyers always make the mistake of buying dog wheelchairs with wheels that are not suitable for every terrain.

Some wheels are perfect for indoors while others are just okay for outdoors regardless of the topography of the terrain.

For a dog that is particularly outdoorsy and very active, an all-terrain wheel is the most suitable.

Just before you make your decision and make your purchase – check out the wheels which are foamy and puncture-proof.

Easy to Clean

Every pet owner knows that pets are just like children, very annoying and adorable; this is because they spill things more than they clean things.

One of the essential things to look out for when buying a dog wheelchair for big dogs or small dogs is the ease of cleaning the material the harness is made from and other parts.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this article contains all the information needed to save your pet from untimely death and deformation. Not only are pets not entitled to all the niceties they deserve, but they also deserve the best of care when injured or recovering from injury.

From the short do-it-yourself instructions to the top selection of small dog wheelchair, large dog wheelchair all fitted with the wheels your dogs need from wheels for dog front legs to wheels for back legs. Hope you found the best wheelchairs for your dog.


Your pet can have whatever they want for the right price.


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